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Hanse Jamboree 2013 on June 15th.

The Hanse-Jamboree Henstedt-Ulzburg for the 10th time . It will probably be the last event of the Hanse-Jamboree eV in this format. Apart from the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sponsors, explains the first chairman Lars Knickmeier, it is important for the board members and their employees after ten years of voluntary work to have a little more time for family, friends and of course for the most beautiful hobby in the world , namely motorcycling.

The club will of course continue to exist and will be dedicated to its purpose of promoting community and friendship among motorcyclists.

The context in which “Driving - Celebrating - Supporting” will take place in the future should be discussed with the members and interested helpers after the event. First, however, the Hanseatic Jamboree is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is once again pulling out everything that has made the event grow so successfully over the years. As always, there will be many dealers presenting current machines and offering everything related to motorcycles.

Test rides be done Harley-Davidson stand The charity convoy in favor of the Hamburg Children's Cancer Center Association should not be missed. According to tradition, all profits from the jamboree are donated there. The association donates €1,000 annually in the form of toys, which are brought directly to the children's oncology unit at the Hamburg Eppendorf University Hospital in a team.

Van WolfenIn particular, the children have the opportunity to sit on a motorcycle and make their first contact. This is a huge deal for the little ones and takes away from the not always cheerful everyday life on the ward.

In contrast to other donation projects, no money is lost at the Hanse Jamboree.

Every cent donated by motorcyclists has been proven to actually make a difference.

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There are enough food stalls available for your physical well-being at the Hanse Jamboree. Julian Pohl will show what is possible with a motorcycle with his stunt show. The starlets' cheerleaders ensure a good mood.

A special highlight is the biker mile where clubs, associations and carpools present themselves and where newcomers can quickly find contact. At around 10 p.m. the Hanseatic Jamboree will say goodbye in its usual form with fireworks.

Afterwards Van Wolfen , the Rockaholic Rebels , the Thirsty Mamas and Behind the Eightball really heat up the visitors on stage in the music tent until midnight.

Further information about the Hanse Jamboree can be found on the club's website at www.hanse-jamboree.de.

Those interested in the biker mile, dealer mile and sponsors can also contact the club here.


Text: Jörg “Jogi” van Senden



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