Harley-Davidson in 2023 - The latest trends and developments

Harley-Davidson in 2023

The latest trends and developments

Harley-Davidson, one of the most famous motorcycle brands in the world, remains a symbol of freedom, passion and conveys the spirit that has surrounded the brand for 120 years.

But the share price is currently clouding the picture a little; it stands at 28.99 euros (as of May 31, 2023). The price has been on a downward trend since February 7th and has hovered around the 30 euro mark for the entire month of May. If there is no recovery now, it could be problematic for the leadership in Milwaukee.

First of all, stock prices depend on many factors, such as the general economic situation, the industry in which the company operates, the company's financial condition and its competitive position. So if the economy or the industry in which Harley-Davidson operates deteriorates, it could cause its stock price to decline.

Harley-Davidson share price as of May 31, 2023
Harley-Davidson share price as of May 31, 2023 - source Google

Another factor that can affect the stock price is the performance of the company itself. If Harley-Davidson is unable to meet or exceed investors' expectations, it can lead to a negative reaction in the stock market. For example, if the company has difficulty increasing its sales or is unable to successfully enter new markets, this could affect investor confidence in the company.

In addition, external factors such as political and regulatory changes can also have an impact on the stock price. For example, if regulations on emissions standards tighten, this could encourage Harley-Davidson's development of electric motorcycles, which in turn could affect its stock price.

The war in Ukraine and the international tension between Russia and the Western alliance are currently heating up again, which makes stock markets generally difficult to calculate. Overall, it's difficult to predict exactly how Harley-Davidson stock will perform in 2023.

Maybe it's a good time to take a look at where the strengths and weaknesses currently lie. And what could be the reason why investors are so cautious. If the outlook is good, it might be a good time to buy in, but this is not intended to be investment advice.

Price increases, inflation, rising interest rates, recession and the political situation

One reason can certainly be the price increase and if we look at Germany, the current political circumstances and planning uncertainties should not be underestimated.

Anyone who has an older home will be in wait-and-see mode until they know exactly what other ideas are coming out of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. With this policy, the medium-sized company has no planning security whatsoever, and there really isn't anything worse in the private and commercial sector if you can't even plan for four years.

Lack of growth inhibits consumption

The Federal Statistical Office has said that the German economy has now experienced negative growth for two consecutive quarters. This means that Germany has slipped into a recession. In any case, German economic performance is stagnating, which can affect consumption. Germany is an important market for Harley-Davidson, but only part of the whole.  

Harley-Davidson has not yet completed its restructuring measures and wants to strengthen its online presence in its own business, which in turn could weaken its authorized dealers. The iron bond between the company and the authorized dealers is a little rusty, at least in Germany.

Emotional connection is lost when everything is done online!

There are other issues related to the lack of dealer exhibitions. Most dealers only had the opportunity to see the anniversary models when they arrived. Special events used to be held where dealers could inspect the models live. It makes a clear difference whether you are presented with sparse photos or standing directly in front of a Harley-Davidson. This loses the emotions that are normally conveyed to potential customers. Currently, the retailer knows just as little in advance as the potential customer.

The same applies to the licensed items and the MotorClothes collection. Harley-Davidson wants to sell online itself. However, this proves to be difficult, especially with leather jackets and many other items that require comprehensive advice. The customer creates his own shopping experience when he goes to the retailer to get clothes and get advice from the specialist staff.

The retailer used to send its experts with many years of professional experience to the events, who knew exactly what their customers wanted and what quality they expected and bought accordingly. Nowadays they are supposed to do it online, but they don't know how the fabric feels and how the colors look in combination. These are all small details that impact the business.

Sometimes in the USA there may be too many key positions filled with new personnel who make decisions and neither have petrol in their blood nor understand the community behind them.

Many manufacturers particularly envy the Harley-Davidson brand and its community. It is undisputed that changes are needed, you have to go with the market, the authorized dealers also have to adapt, which is often not easy for the smaller dealers to implement.

In this article, we take a look at the latest trends and developments at Harley-Davidson, from exciting model releases to innovative technologies that will enhance the riding experience.”

120th Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special Anniversary 2023
120th Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special Anniversary 2023
Electra Glide Highway King 2023
Electra Glide Highway King 2023

New models and design innovations

  • Introducing the latest Harley-Davidson models released this year.
  • Discussion of the design innovations in the new models and how they combine traditional Harley-Davidson style with modern elements.
  • Emphasis on special editions or limited models that pique the interest of collectors and enthusiasts.

The new Harley-Davidson models 2023

Breakout 117 and the seven Anniversary models for the 120th anniversary this year Two Electra Glide Highway King and three Fast Johnnie ST models followed.

Quite a few special models, all of which will be in stores at European Harley-Davidson dealers as early as May. Nobody would have expected that the first bikes were delivered to European dealers shortly after the release, now they just have to be sold.  

Design innovations in the new models and how they combine traditional Harley-Davidson style with modern elements

The best example is certainly the new Electra Glide Highway King, which is available in two versions. It undisputedly continues the classic line of Harley-Davidson, a really beautiful model. What you don't see at first glance is that the Highway King is technically state-of-the-art!

Optimum support from the corner-optimized electronically coupled brakes, the corner-optimized ABS, the corner-optimized traction control, the drag torque control and the hill start aid. 

Only 1,750 copies of the new Electra Glide Highway King will be manufactured and starting at 38,495 euros you could ask your dealer whether you can get one. It is the prime example where classic elements merge with modern technology.

Too many special editions and limited models can overwhelm collectors and enthusiasts

The year 2023 is all about special models, we have seven 120-year anniversary models, three limited Fast Johnnie versions and two Electra Glide Highway King models from the Icon Collection. That makes a total of twelve, with the CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary with its elaborate paintwork and double limitation, as a 120th Anniversary model and CVO, certainly being the star in the sky, which you can buy from €59,995.

Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary 120 year anniversary model
Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited Anniversary 120 year anniversary model

Technological advances and driver assistance systems

  • Overview of the latest technological developments at Harley-Davidson, such as advanced driver assistance systems.
  • Discussion about integrating connectivity and infotainment into the motorcycles.
  • Mention of safety features that support drivers and improve the driving experience.

The Breakout 117, Low Rider 117 and Low Rider ST models will have traction control as an option from summer onwards. That makes perfect sense, the high-torque 117 engine is kept better under control on wet asphalt, a very good feature that has proven itself very well on big tours.   

Introducing the new 2023 CVO Street Glide and Road Glide models

Harley-Davidson will introduce the new CVO models on June 7, 2023.

We've already seen the first pictures and video recordings, I'm really excited to see how the new 121cui engine with variable valve timing will drive. I find the chassis with upside down fork and who knows what they installed in the back just as interesting. The new LED lighting concept and the multifunctional instrument display are further highlights. The CVO models will not only break new ground visually, but where they end up in terms of price will also be very interesting. I'll be able to drive it for the first time in mid-July and get an impression.  

Community and events

  • Insight into the vibrant Harley-Davidson community and the importance of events and meetings for fans.
  • Introducing current or upcoming events where Harley-Davidson riders come together.
  • Emphasizing the importance of community and how it embodies the Harley-Davidson spirit.

The Harley-Davidson community is truly special, making the company the envy of many manufacturers. Many Harley bikers around the world live the brand in completely different ways. Harley fans can be found in all different walks of life all over the world.  

Harley-Davidson community members are passionate enthusiasts who have a deep love for the brand and motorcycling. They share a common passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They're not always happy with the company's leadership and development, but when it comes to branding, there's probably no logo that's been tattooed more often than the company's classic Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo.

The worldwide Harley-Davidson events

This year in particular, Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 120th anniversary Budapest Thousands of bikers will make their way to these events to celebrate accordingly.

Harley riders like to travel, that's just part of it and the events can be just as different as the bikers if you compare the European Bike Week and the Super Rally. The Super Rally is more often attended by the old school faction and you usually camp on the event site, but you can only get there with a Harley-Davidson.  

What should also not be underestimated is the commitment of the bikers.

The community is often involved in charitable activities and supports various charitable projects. This shows the strong solidarity and sense of social responsibility of the members.

And here no distinction is made, whether they are members of the HOG ( Harley Owners Group ) or rockers, when it comes to the weaker members of society, they are all there!


“Harley-Davidson remains a leader in the motorcycle industry in 2023. With its electric motorcycles, new models, technological innovations and a vibrant community, the brand continues to be a symbol of adventure and freedom on the road. Harley-Davidson is constantly evolving and bringing exciting innovations to the market that delight riders. We can’t wait to see what other innovations await us in the future from this legendary brand.”

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