Pan America modified with lacquer film

Successful start to the season for Harley-Davidson at the Motorcycles Dortmund motorcycle fair

The Harley-Davidson Motor Company shone at the motorcycle trade fair in Dortmund last weekend with a full program. In general, many manufacturers are currently saving themselves from appearing at spring trade fairs in the country. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company itself is only represented in Germany at this trade fair in Dortmund. The company is supported by authorized dealers from the region. As a rule, it is now the case that regional authorized dealers are represented at motorcycle trade fairs nationwide and represent the Harley-Davidson brand accordingly.

The foil-modified Pan America was a real eye-catcher

Harley-Davidson Dealer Award 2022 presented in Dortmund

Things were different in Dortmund, the full Harley-Davidson program was running here. The party started on Thursday evening as part of the motorcycle trade fair. The 2022 Harley-Davidson Dealer Award was presented to the winners by Kolja Rebstock , Harley-Davidson Regional Vice President EMEA .

Harley-Davidson Pfeiffer and Andreas Bergerforth (Thunderbike) were invited to the 120th Homecoming Event in Milwaukee. The Harley-Davidson Staalfabrik Rostock has become the Dealer Award winner 2022. Second place went to Harley-Davidson Lübeck, with Jens Pott emphasizing that he was accepting the award for the entire team, a very nice gesture.

Harley-Davidson management, Harley-Davidson district managers and Harley-Davidson dealers from all over the country traveled to the award ceremony. The HD DACH marketing and event team had to do all the work, but well, it always hits you. From Hamburg to Baden-Baden, HD dealers were represented and everyone celebrated together after the award at the good buffet, the improvised bar and live music with Jill Fischer (known from “The Voice”) at the Harley-Davidson stand.

Let's not hide the fact that our colleagues from Kawasaki, Yamaha, etc. didn't miss the opportunity to celebrate at the Harley-Davidson stand. In any case, everyone had fun, no one would have expected that, such party fun at a trade fair hasn't happened for a long time. The end was then initiated by the trade fair management, so everything stayed within limits, unfortunately 🙂

Monkey on Bike Autograph Sessions

Nils Buntrock discovered Ann-Kathrin for Harley-Davidson in 2022.
Nils Buntrock discovered Ann-Kathrin for Harley-Davidson in 2022.

Harley-Davidson Ambassador Ann-Kathrin Bendixen was also a guest at the trade fair and talked to her fans about her planned adventure. She traveled to the USA directly after the trade fair, her Nightster Clonky, with whom she has already traveled across Europe, followed her.

She will spend a few months there, but as usual, she doesn't have a precise plan of where she wants to go.

been modified with various parts from Pan America She travels a lot off-road, so the Harley-Davidson Nightster was modified so that she can set up her tent next to the Harley somewhere deep in the wilderness. The USA trip will certainly be one of your greatest adventures.

Local Harley-Davidson dealer

The authorized dealers Harley-Davidson Pfeiffer, Thunderbike, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Osnabrück and the new authorized dealer for the Cologne-Bonn area were represented at the stand. In addition to the current model range, there were also a few nice Harley conversions on display. The dealer teams answered the visitors' questions and held technical discussions. It was kind of cool that everything worked so well together.

The Harley-Davidson events were also advertised

The real strength are the official Harley-Davidson events around the world. There is something very special to celebrate this year, which is why the Hamburg Harley Days had to be moved to May. The 120th Anniversary Event in Budapest takes precedence in this case. Harley Days Dresden and even the smaller but great Ruhrpott Meeting are on the flyer, so it's not just the really big events that count.

The special highlight in Europe this year is the big 120th Harley-Davidson Anniversary Party in Budapest . TOP ACTS like Airborne (very good rock band) are there, but the best attraction will be the Harley-Davidson bikers , who are expected in Budapest in their thousands from all over Europe. In the end, we decide for ourselves how good the party is, the more there are, the better.

On Saturday it was crowded at the motorcycle fair

The big motorcycle trade fair in Dortmund thrilled many motorcycle fans, especially on Saturday. It was noticeable that many exhibitors from the Harley-Davidson accessories segment were represented at the trade fair. From Kellermann, Wilbers, to the Pan America suppliers Wunderlich and SW-MOTECH.

There were numerous travel providers, one of them had, let's say, a small stand, but there was always something going on with Curves & Dumplings, there were probably not only tours to discover, they also had some other specialties in their luggage.

The Road Glide Special 120th Anniversary was one of the highlights

Conclusion: It was my first time at the Dortmund motorcycle trade fair and I really liked Harley-Davison's appearance. My highlight was the Road Glide Special with the brilliant 120th Anniversary paintwork. It looks really cool when you stand in front of it, but the price for this model, which is limited to 1,600 bikes, isn't cheap either. The current pricing policy will certainly push back the dream of a Harley by a year for some people. A Harley has never been cheap, which is why it remains just a dream for many!

In any case, it was a successful appearance, I really liked the fair itself, especially in terms of food, and the Westphalian ham in particular left a good impression.

In general, Harley-Davidson should continue to pursue this concept together with the dealers. You don't really have to understand that they were EICMA or Motor Bike Expo Verona

P.S. I would like to thank Nils Buntrock for the great special ticket that he got me for the 120th Anniversary Party in Budapest. I still hope that we can enjoy the party together and in his usual position.

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