Bear power when Bertl does it

Two-liter V-twin with official TÜV blessing from Harley-Davidson Bamberg

He pushes, he pushes, he roars! Bertl's Harley Davidson Bamberg brings the legendary 120 cubic inch Screamin' Eagle engine from the States and, upon request, builds it into Softtail, Dyna or Touring models from 2007 onwards.

With its Screamin' Eagle parts range, Harley-Davidson offers V-Twin fans everything that not only makes their Harley more beautiful, but also more dynamic. A special treat in this range: The Screamin' Eagle SE 120R engine, which so far only appeals to American Harley fans, but from now on also to German Harley fans: Equipped with the finest Harley-Davidson race parts from the in-house Screamin' Eagle Performance department, this engine is well known No compromises when it comes to power.

Whether it's a lightened flywheel, Teflon-coated forged pistons, titanium piston rings or performance-optimized camshafts, behind the elegant exterior of this power plant lies uncompromising racing technology. 3 , which is also good for a mid-range car, the performance weapon pushes forward as if it wanted to tear up the asphalt. But that's not all: the professionals around Bertl, alias authorized dealer Berthold Paukner, not only install this powerhouse professionally - further optimizations such as improved mapping of the engine control, as well as an electronically flap-controlled exhaust system for high throughput, ensure this from 2,000 rpm the extra kick.

Instead of dry numbers, people in Bamberg prefer to let the engine speak for itself: no performance chart, no matter how beautifully printed, comes close to conveying the incomparable driving experience with which this power twin burns itself into the memory. But when it comes to engine tuning in Germany, performance is of course not everything: What's also really fun is that the Screamin' Eagle SE 120R engine, powered by Harley-Davidson Bamberg, can be properly noted in the papers.

Regardless of whether it's emissions or noise values, Bertl has had the machine homologated in accordance with all legal requirements and can proudly claim to be Germany's only authorized Harley-Davidson dealer who can have this engine entered into the vehicle registration document with a waterproof TÜV certificate . Further information is available from Bertl's Harley-Davidson Bamberg on 09503 502900 or online at .


Text & Image: Harley-Davidson Press 2011

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