Harley-Davidson Bareknuckle 2021 model line

The Harley-Davidson BareKnuckle project starts on July 13, 21

at Harley-Davidson ; on Monday the company announced that it would be presenting a new Harley-Davidson model in an online presentation on July 13th. It starts at 5:00 p.m., you can register in advance for the launch event link

The name “BareKnuckle” is unofficially on everyone’s lips

But what’s coming from Harley on July 13th? It can only be speculated, otherwise we could hold the launch event in advance on the Harley site, but of course there are a few clues. It will be the power cruiser that belongs to the new Bareknuckle project series, based on the new Revolution Max engine. The 1250 engine variant with the new powerful Revolution Max engine is scheduled to be presented on July 13th. However, the power delivery will be different than that of the Pan America , which also runs the 1250 engine. The power cruiser is designed more for torque, which of course makes sense for a cruiser and goes best with a Harley-Davidson.

So we can assume that on paper it will have less power. To be honest, I can hardly imagine what kind of cruiser it will be, it must be one hot witch. Above all, the device will take off like tinder, I drove the Pan America with its 152 hp in race mode, you have to hold on to the catapult, otherwise it will take off without you. We can assume that the Revolution Max engine will change a lot.

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The new power cruiser was originally supposed to be available at dealers in August, but Harley-Davidson has postponed this date to autumn because, unfortunately, there are still delivery bottlenecks and who would have thought, the traffic jam in the Panama Canal is not entirely innocent of this either. They are probably trying to find various solutions to get them to the Harley-Davidson dealers as quickly as possible.

Two engine versions are being discussed

Two versions are being discussed, it is not entirely clear whether the 975 engine variant will be presented directly. Originally there was talk of a 500 and 700 engine variant, but we haven't heard anything about that yet. The small versions would open the way down to the younger target group, that would indeed be a big step.

The BareKnuckle project will certainly be well received, especially among the younger generation. If the Pan America display also finds its way into the power cruiser, the door will be open for individualized driving modes and connectivity to the cell phone, which is somehow something that young people have today in addition.

You hear something about our own customizing program, which should make tuning possible for the customer in a simple way, so not only make it chic, but simple performance optimization will be possible.

You can actually already see a lot of the prototype in the photo, so I would imagine that the cruiser will have a few cool features that you can't see directly. Technically it will be equipped similarly to the Pan America, various safety features and driving modes are expected, because it is really interesting how cool you can configure your own mode, which will particularly appeal to technology-savvy people.

Is there a BareKnuckle MotorClothes collection coming?

After the Rewire program, Harley-Davidson now has the Hardwire program running; the traditional company wants to completely reposition itself. Harley-Davidson is not just a motorcycle manufacturer, but also represents a lifestyle factor, so it would not be surprising if a matching MotorClothes collection was offered for the new Harley-Davidson BareKnuckle project. Jochen Zeitz has already recognized this aspect and will push these options accordingly.

BareKnuckle is a new model series

BareKnuckle is the term for a new model series from Harley-Davidson, which includes the announced power cruiser. The price range is assumed to be somewhere under 15,000, which would be a competitive price for Harley-Davidson. The Pan America has already shown us where the journey is headed, no one would have thought in advance that the standard version would start at €15,995, it was assumed that it would start at around €20,000.

And if you are really serious about “Evolution to Revolution”, it will cost as much as the last Sportster and it will even be somewhere around €14,000! Then you should be quick if you want to ride one again this year, we just saw at the Electra Glide Revival how crazy things can sometimes go, briefly introduced it and it was gone.

Whether the BareKnuckle project is supposed to replace the Sportster only tells us the correct model name of the new power cruiser that Harley-Davidson wants to introduce to us on July 13th.

“From Evolution to Revolution” tells us a lot, but you can never really be sure with Harley-Davidson.

“LiveWire One” 

What has become known in passing is that Harley-Davidson, or rather “LiveWire”, also wants to introduce a new electric motorcycle in July. It will be LiveWire One and will be equipped with a 75kw electric motor. It has 4 kW less than the actual LiveWire electric motor, which could help with the range. This is the biggest challenge that we continue to work on intensively.

The idea could be in the USA as early as July 8th, to be presented a day later at the International Motorcycle Show in the Irvine Amphitheater, California. There is no word yet about the price, but it is assumed that the price will be significantly lower than that of the LiveWire.

Text Harleysite Photo credit: Prototype Harley-Davidson

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