Harley-Davidson re-entry courses 2020

I have a dream

The Harley-Davidson re-entry courses in 2020

  • Dusty knowledge is polished up in no time 
  • Experienced instructors, small groups and lots of fun

(Neu-Isenburg, May 26, 2020) “Everything begins with longing,” said Nobel Prize winner Nelly Sachs. This is how dreams come about, both big and small. But for some, some dreams seem to never come true. For example, the one about motorcycling. Feel the wind in your face again. Smell the freshly mown grass. Listen to the heartbeat of the V-twin. Experience the perfect flow. It's a shame that so many people sleep through their dreams.

“Don’t dream – do it!” is an old Harley-Davidson – and it’s still valid. motorcycle at the age of 18 and later sacrificed their hobby to career, family and building a house.

So if you're itching for spring after spring, even though you've been without the second most beautiful thing in the world for years or even decades, just sign up for a "Back to Biking" course at an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. In a small group under expert guidance and with lots of fun, the old safety on the handlebars returns within four hours. If possible, you should bring your driving clothing with you. If you don't have one, simply contact the dealer in good time to borrow a helmet and jacket.

One thing is clear: the US manufacturer helps everyone get back in the saddle. But the side effects could include the purchase of the object of desire... All information and registration for the courses can be found at www.livetoride.de .

Text and image credit: Copyright Harley-Davidson

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