Harley Helmet Boom Audio Full Face

Talk to me, baby

The Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Full-Face Helmet puts an end to communication problems on the motorcycle .

 + Full-face helmet with Bluetooth 4.1 communication system

+ Communication with up to eight users within a radius of up to two km

 + For hands-free calling, navigation, music

(Neu-Isenburg, April 17, 2019) Interpersonal communication , Wikipedia reveals, happens not only with the help of spoken or written language, but also non-verbally. Motorcyclists can tell you a thing or two about it.

If the driver and passenger want to make contact with each other while driving, it is advisable to agree on signs in advance - and keep them in mind: Tapping twice on the right shoulder now means "Turn right", "Not so fast!" or "Now finally give it." rubber!”? Things get even more complicated when it comes to communicating within a biking group.


The new Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio Full Face Helmet 1
The new Harley-Davidson Boom! Audio full face helmet

Communication with Mesh Intercom technology

Harley-Davidson now has the solution to all language interaction problems: the new Boom! Audio Full-Face Helmet (Order No. 98365-19EX) . Its integrated Bluetooth 4.1 communication system with intuitive and self-optimizing 30K mesh intercom technology from Sena not only allows chatting with the passenger in the pillion seat, but also with up to eight users of the same system within a radius of up to two kilometers.

Since the speakers ensure excellent sound quality, the developers have also added an FM radio with RDS AF to the Boom! Audio full-face helmet integrated.

BOOM! Audio Full-Face Helmet (Order No. 98365-19EX)
Boom! Audio Full-Face Helmet (Order No. 98365-19EX)

Of course, the helmet can also be paired wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, for example to use the navigation functions and hands-free system of a smartphone or to enjoy your favorite iTunes playlist.

The Advanced Noise Control suppresses disturbing noises and no annoying pre-installation is required before you start your journey - just putting on the helmet is enough.

The bowl of the Boom! Audio Full-Face Helmet is made of fiberglass composite. A secure double D-ring closure secures the helmet to the chin. Its lining is removable and washable. Ventilation openings keep your head cool even in midsummer and reflective applications on the shell offer added safety.

Battery and charger are included. Of course the Boom meets or exceeds! Audio Full-Face Helmet meets the requirements of ECE 22-05. It is available from authorized Harley-Davidson dealers at prices starting at €619.

Further information can be found at https://motorclothes.harley-davidson.eu.

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