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What will happen to the Harley-Davidson Breakout in the 2021 model year?

What will happen to the Harley-Davidson Breakout in 2021? There are reports online that say that the Breakout 2021 will be completely discontinued.

Harleysite has other information on the topic of breakouts. It's important to note that Harley-Davidson is certainly capable of making model decisions from the hip, but that doesn't happen all that often.

The Breakout is a great bike that has a 240/40 wide tire installed on an 18 inch wheel straight from the factory. Anyone who starts customizing the bike will have a dream bike in their garage with little effort.

Harley Davidson model, 2016 Breakout black (35), Maisto motorcycle 1:18
  • Diecast metal model with plastic add-on parts in scale...
  • the model is steerable, the wheels are free-running,...

The Breakout has a large fan base

There is a really big fan base for this Harley-Davidson machine. Harley-Davidson knows this too, the company has said that they will cut around 30% of the current model range, but the Harleysite information says that the Breakout is NOT part of it, at least not completely, as some rumors say. or is shown.

Harley-Davidson Breakout 107cui
Harley-Davidson Breakout 107cui (Image credit Harley-Davidson)

The Breakout is available in two displacement versions, the 107 version and the 114 version. The 107 was hardly seen at dealers last year. You could order the 107 and it was also delivered with the 107, but it was no longer prominently offered.

The Breakout 107cui version is discontinued

And so, according to my information, the Breakout with the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine will be taken out of the range and from 2021 the Breakout can only be ordered as a new vehicle with the high-displacement 114 cui Milwaukee-Eight engine.

We will see this procedure more often, as Harley-Davidson is slowly but steadily phasing out the 107 engine from its range. My further information says that work is already underway on the next generation of Harley-Davidson engines for Euro 6. Nobody knows exactly where EU policy will take us; at some point we will have to drive hybrids so that the Euro standards can still be met.

Harley Davidson model, 2016 Breakout black (35), Maisto motorcycle 1:18
  • Diecast metal model with plastic add-on parts in scale...
  • the model is steerable, the wheels are free-running,...

Euro 5 is a tradition killer

After over 60 years of pure Harley culture, the Euro 5 standard has now taken away the Sportster, one of the most beautiful Harley classics ever, really sad! If that all made sense it would be ok, but these motorcycles are rather from the small series, where most of them are only used for leisure.

Müller Motorcycles Hydro Clutch
Harley Davidson Sportster
Harley Davidson Sportster

The Breakout is a great template for customizers

The Breakout with the 114 engine is a good combination and as already said, it is simply beautiful, you can't just take it off the market, not even just shoot it from the hip.

I photographed this converted breakout in Faak am Arneitz in September 2020, really a feast for the eyes!

2020 Faaker See Breakout Custom
2020 Faaker See Harley-Davidson Breakout Custom

We'll know for sure on January 19th! Also take your time on February 22nd when Pan America will be presented online in the Extra Stream. Many people, including the Harleysite, are looking forward to the appearance of the Pan America

Considering that Yamaha has just announced that it will no longer offer the XT1200 Tenere due to the Euro 5 standard, the timing is ideal. Pan America now fits perfectly into this gap , but it will still have a hard time against the BMW GS. In terms of price, it will certainly be higher than the Tenere, but there is definitely a purchasing power market for adventure bikes.

If you would like to take part in the virtual launch event HD 21 on January 19, 2021, simply register at www.HD.com/21 .

on February 22, 2021 , you can register here: Pan America Live Event

Text: Harleysite 01/2021

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5 thoughts on “What will happen to the Harley-Davidson Breakout in the 2021 model year?”

  1. AuBacke, that's embarrassing!
    The Russians roll up their sleeves and bring their old boxer team through the Euro5 standard, but Harley doesn't even try to keep the Sportster alive.
    Air-cooled long-stroke engines are becoming increasingly rare. But short-stroke water buckets are probably the popular mainstream. Man, I feel bad...

  2. I bought the Lowrider S with the 110 Screaming Eagles new in November 2016 with hard-earned money and extensively converted it.
    Improved chassis, rear conversion, small indicators, different taillights, Kess Tech exhaust, seat and so on.
    We're talking about a good 26,000 euros! In 2017 I wasn't able to drive much for work and health reasons.
    2018, 19 and 20 already. Now after almost 26,000 kilometers the engine is a total loss! Mind you: all inspections have been carried out, it has always been carefully warmed up and maintained. After hours of research on the internet, you find out that the 110s are on the fritz before 30,000 km of mileage. Harley Davidson doesn't even care! I had to get rid of that now because I'm extremely disappointed.
    And now I have a pile of scrap that isn't worth much anymore.
    HD is well aware of the problem, but they simply cover it with a cloak of silence.
    There should have been a recall campaign long ago! Since many HD drivers don't drive as much as I do, most of them only have 30,000 km on the clock after 6-8 years and that's exactly what Harley Davidson shamelessly exploits! I'm going to reactivate my '95 EVO and banish the new junk from my garage. I'm curious to see if my post can be read here!

    VG broadcasts Joachim Fiedler from Bergstrasse

    1. They are supposed to make the engines durable and finally reach 150 hp. I think the rubber-mounted version is best

      1. I haven't had any problems yet, although I mostly travel with the tourers, but the M8 drives quite well, even on long journeys and at full load, I've never had any. The Pan America will go in the direction of 145 hp, so that's probably the engine generation you're waiting for.

    2. Hello Joachim,
      thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately that doesn't sound good to you, but I know others who have driven more than 30,000 with the 110 and are still driving. I only know one person who had problems with a 2003. My buddy drives a 2007 and it has 42,000 on it now, 20,000 of them in the last two years. When we're on the road, they have to work hard, especially when we're driving long distances, and so far they've always kept up. I personally drove the 2015 and 2016 CVO, both at full throttle, when I drive home from Lake Faak, that's 1360 kilometers, then there is no quarter. The only thing that always bothered me was that they always got very hot when stationary in the middle of summer, despite the cylinders being switched off. Otherwise, I always enjoyed driving them and if there was something wrong with the engines, they would blow up in your face sooner at full load , as you once heard from some 117s from 2019, but the problem has been fixed since 2020. The question is always, does it always warm up nicely, etc.. You always had it serviced, what's the problem with your 110, did you have a different mapping on it and a coordinated air filter.

      Greetings Volker

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