Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour 2023

Brilliant conclusion to the Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour 2023

    • The 2023 tour year brought in €307,000
    • The net proceeds benefit people with muscle diseases
    • On November 18th The big closing gala took place with numerous guests of honor
    • On November 26th followed the film premiere of the film about the Harley-Davidson ® charity tour
    Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour
    Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour

    VIENNA (December 13, 2023) – “Loud for the quiet and strong for the weak” is the motto of the Harley-Davidson® Charity Fund eV. Every year he organizes the Harley-Davidson® Charity Tour (HDCT) throughout Austria with hundreds of motorcycles and collects donations that primarily benefit children suffering from muscular dystrophy, etc. The bikers move from state to state through Austria, where interested visitors, a festive atmosphere and large amounts of donations await them in numerous cities.

    From left to right: Bernhard Hübner (HD Austria), Robert P. from Lower Austria (winner of the HDCT Harley-Davidson 2023), Kolja Rebstock (Harley-Davidson® Regional Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Photo: Manfred Sebek
    From left to right: Bernhard Hübner (HD Austria), Robert P. from Lower Austria (winner of the HDCT Harley-Davidson 2023), Kolja Rebstock (Harley-Davidson® Regional Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Photo: Manfred Sebek

    This year the club achieved over 307,000 euros, as was announced on November 18, 2023 at the big charity gala in Vienna. 307,000 euros that will flow into valuable projects to make the lives of people with muscle diseases a little easier. In 2023, 10 projects from the LIGHT IN DUNKEL emergency aid fund were supported with 60,000 euros, and a total of 50 applications with almost 200,000 euros have already been processed this year. HDCT's help begins where government help ends. Public support is also limited and does not include all the necessary assistance that people with muscle diseases need. Whether it's an electric wheelchair or a car conversion: HDCT is ready and makes it possible.

    5 million so far
    The spirit of the fund has remained unbroken since 1996: the members have so far organized 26 charity tours with around 500 tour events in Austria. A total of around 50,000 HD bikers covered a distance that was equivalent to circumnavigating the globe. By the way, the bikers are volunteers and cover their own costs. This means that the net proceeds can flow 1:1 towards the goal of the HDCT and reach those in need and their families. And the total proceeds of the last few years are impressive: around 5 million euros have been collected through the increasingly popular tour since 1996.

    Gala night, film premiere and prominent supporters
    This year's success of the tour was celebrated by friends and companions at the brilliant final gala on November 18th. in Vienna. Among the guests were Albert Fortell, Harry Prünster, Manfred Ainedter, Niddl, Sabine Petzl, Tony Rei, WKO chairman Alfred Harl, ERGO board member Christian Noisternig, regional vice president HD Company Kolja Rebstock and HDCT founder Ferdinand Fischer. The palate was pampered by the barbecue from world barbecue champion Adi Bittermann and wine from the Baumgartner domain. The top band The Blues Bros. Corporation and the Klagenfurt superstars Matakustix provided the atmosphere.

    Tour founder Ferdinand O. Fischer announced on November 26th. went one better and presented his film “Loud for the quiet and strong for the weak – The Harley-Davidson® charity tour and its mission” at the sold-out Cineplexx Wienerberg. With exciting impressions from the years 2022 and 2023, the film takes viewers into the diverse, strong, loud and helpful world of HDCT. The many visitors, including Barbara Wussow, Albert Fortell, Christian Stani and Max Bieger from “Alle Aktuell”, Andrea Kdolsky, Marcus Strahl and Oliver Stamm, were deeply impressed by the film. You will find all information here .

    “It was a charity year with a record participation of Harley bikers from home and abroad, who, supported by hundreds of Vespa riders, made these great donations possible events We are looking forward to the 27th tour from June 14th to 18th. August 2024 and thank our great team for their constant commitment!”, says Dieter Baier, President of the Harley-Davidson® Charity Fund, looking back on 2023.

    Donation account for people with muscle problems in Austria – Harley-Davidson ® Charity Fund:
    Erste Bank and Sparkasse – IBAN: AT 2320 1118 2514 0731 00

    Further information about the Harley-Davidson Charity Tour can be found at: www.harley-charity-tour.at .

    Text & Image Credit: HD Charity Tour

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