New shine in old halls

Harley-Davidson Chemnitz opened the gates

The plaster was crumbling from the walls and the wind whistled through the broken window panes. The Goeritz textile factory, opposite the Chemnitz Industrial Museum, had truly seen better times.

The machines stood idle at Zwickauer Straße 108 for a good two decades - now they are running again.

However, instead of German looms, these are now American-made V2 engines, because
Harley-Davidson moved in.

Before the US brand could conquer its new home, the venerable building was extensively renovated over a year.

“We are a little proud to be able to breathe new life into this great industrial monument with our branch, because it represents the city’s long industrial tradition and fits our brand perfectly,” says managing director Sibylle Thomas- Göbelbecker , who is responsible for it Chemnitz location already opened its second Harley-Davidson dealership .

“We have noticed that many of our Dresden company’s customers come from southwest Saxony.

With our new branch we would like to offer you all shorter routes to our brand.”

Even longer journeys are worthwhile, because the new dealership in Chemnitz is not only a feast for the eyes for fans of perfectly renovated brick, it also offers everything that fans of stylish two-wheelers appreciate on 600 m², spread over two floors: new and used motorcycles , an extensive range of original Harley-Davidson clothing and accessories products, a modern workshop, a coffee and relaxation area and, last but not least, a competent team that will help visitors with all questions about the brand from Milwaukee , USA Help and advice are available.

Over 1,000 guests were able to see this for themselves at the celebratory opening in March.

Harley -Davidson Germany GmbH presented Sibylle Thomas-Göbelbecker with the heavy brass plate that identifies every dealer worldwide as a contractual partner of the most traditional motorcycle manufacturer in the world - and afterwards there was a celebration in the style of Harley-Davidson: with lots of live music and food and drinks and good mood.

In the meantime, everyday life has returned to Zwickauer Straße 108 - time for everyone who hasn't been there yet to get to know the passionate Chemnitz team in their tasteful home.

If you would like to find out more in advance, simply go to .


Text & Image: Copyright Harley-Davidson 2013

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