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Harley-Davidson club style now à la Rick's Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson club style has been all the rage internationally for several years. It took a few years until Ricky finally found the template he was looking for for the project he was considering. It wasn't supposed to be just anything, but rather correspond to the original and his idea was to reissue a retro fairing from the US police bikes from the 70s that was true to the original.

The fairing was rebuilt using the 3D scanning process

And if you want to build a replica that is true to the original, you need an original fairing from the coveted example. If possible, in perfect condition so that a 3D scan can be made.

The object of desire is made of GRP , made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and protected against moisture and UV rays gelcoat These work steps are required, especially for a component that later has to be used as a cladding against wind and weather and also fights against UV sunlight, which would turn the good piece into dust over time.


This is the result of the 3D scan of the original fairing. The perfect prerequisite for a correct design with a suitable holder specifically for the current Softail models.

Harley-Davidson club style

Customizing specifically for the Harley-Davidson Softail models

The Police Fairing has been prepared for the current Softail models, there are matching holder kits and other adjustment options to get a cool overall design to match the paintwork. The headlight will do its work with a modern 7″ LED light, with the headlight cover available in clear or tinted.

Have the fairing painted in the color that matches your own Harley and then attach the finished fairing with the holder construction. This is not a problem for experienced screwdrivers due to the quality and accuracy of fit. In the end, the adjustable fairing is best installed on the Harley-Davidson together with Rick's coated club style handlebars.

The retro fairing is an absolute eye-catcher, an unusual style, in combination with an interesting paint design, your Harley-Davidson becomes an eye-catching custom bike in no time.


The following Lowrider S in club style is more of the first level of customizing. A mix of original parts and Rick's custom parts bring this beautiful Harley to life. The original quarter fairing from Harley-Davidson is the door opener to club style, paired with Rick's club style handlebars you get the right riding position on the Lowrider S. The other parts are also used on other Softail models, so they always fit, even if you no longer feel like the special Harley-Davidson style.

Harley-Davidson Lowrider S Ricks Clubstyle side view
Harley-Davidson Lowrider S Ricks Clubstyle side view

As can be seen particularly in the side view, there are definitely similarities to the bikes from the well-known American biker series. An important component are the risers, which move the handlebars a little further up. In combination with the handlebars, this creates the typical, upright sitting posture.

In this example we can see very clearly what can be achieved from a lowrider with relatively few resources. The series cable pulls have been lengthened slightly, this is technically necessary. This project can be realized in stages, everyone has their own ideas about whether and when the bike should be finished, some people will never finish the conversion, that's somehow part of it.

The Low Rider S power amplifier from Rick's

Harley-Davidson club style now à la Rick's Motorcycles 2021 18
Rick's Lowrider S Clubstyle


That's how it works, of course, because Rick's offers the LOWRIDER S already converted in a CLUBSTYLE design. With the 70th Clubstyle model, however, we dug deeper into the customizing drawer. In addition to the fairing kit, the new belt guard and Rick's footrests, brake handles, club style handlebars, the Rick Bull Eye Derby cover, Rick license plate holder and Rick's air filter and other parts are part of the custom conversion. The Kellermann indicators and a flap exhaust system from the accessories are a good template for the individual Harley-Davidson Low Rider S in club style design.

Harley-Davidson club style now à la Rick's Motorcycles 2021 19
Harley-Davidson Lowrider S Clubstyle FXRP Ricks left

There are no upper limits, you could still change the wheels, but maybe you can keep a few options open for the future. The Harley-Davidson Lowrider S is already one of the better Softail models ex works, the double disc brakes at the front and the very good adjustable chassis can handle plenty of power. With the 114 cui engine and its 1.8 (1868ccm³) liter engine, it pulls well, which can be improved by individual tuning in combination with other parts.

This model from Rick's Motorcycles is already fully equipped and is basically the final stage of the club style. This is the perfect template; anyone who wants to drive an individual Harley-Davidson will find fulfillment here. Various parts from Rick's Motorcycles that are manufactured in-house can be found on the bike. All further information and much more can be found under the external link on the Rick's Motorcycles .

Photo credit: Rick's Motorcycles

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