Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Roadster

Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Roadster

Customized by Harley-Davidson Dark Custom! The Harley-Davidson Roadster was completely pimped out with Harley-Davidson's own Dark Custom program. Harley-Davidson has focused more and more on its own accessories program in recent years. Like the new Road King Special, for example, which is delivered with an exciting style, there is also the option of having the models completely redesigned to suit your own taste.

Dark Custom 1For individual bikers, Harley-Davidson offers the Dark Custom models. Anyone who wants to get to know Harley's dark side of the force can find more information at the major Harley-Davidson events in the Dark Custom area, or on the Internet and at Harley-Davidson authorized dealers.

This Harley-Davidson Roadster was put together with accessories from the Dark Custom catalog; the Screaming Eagle shock absorbers are particularly eye-catching alongside the LED lights. Cool device!

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Model: Harley-Davidson Roadster
Version: Dark Custom Conversion
Harley-Davidson Dark Custom

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