Harleysite Police Reports

Harley-Davidson driver collides with deer – Petershagen

Minden-Lübbecke Police April 20, 2022

On the way from Heimsen towards Döhren, a motorcyclist collided with a deer on Sunday evening. The Petershäger sustained minor injuries. The game died due to the collision.

Harley-Davidson on the “Bössel” street at around 9:15 p.m. During a long left-hand bend, the deer suddenly crossed the road. Without being able to react, a collision occurred.

Due to the force of the collision, the biker veered off the road to the right and was thrown into the adjacent field. He sustained injuries. After initial treatment on site, an ambulance crew took him to the Minden Clinic for outpatient treatment. There was significant damage to the two-wheeler.

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