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Electra Glide Highway King from the Icons Collection!

The first feedback on the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Highway King

Now that the dust and excitement has slowly settled, let's take a look at what Harley-Davidson presents to us here and what the initial feedback is. It actually starts out fun, the E-Glide could also be a Road King, it will definitely have touring qualities in its genes. It is only intended for a small target group; there are 1,750 of them worldwide, 750 of them in Hi-Fi Magenta and 1,000 in Hi-Fi Orange.

Retro charm meets high-tech: The new Icon Collection from Harley-Davidson

There are beauty shots of the bikes, but I still think that the bikes only really knock your socks off when you're standing in front of them. With the new model from the Icon Collection you are reviving the classic line. These are two really nice examples that are reminiscent of the nostalgic 60s. Harley-Davidson gave them the latest technology, the 114 engine is completely sufficient for the cruiser. The technical interior works with the reflex braking system, RDRS safety enhancements, cornering traction control, traction control and other current features.

Positive response for Electra Glide Revival and El Diablo.

When it comes to lighting technology, they probably didn't want to take the step to LED light, it's also difficult, on the one hand it's in demand, but it's not classic. Basically a successful throw from the company. The main thing is that they don't just disappear into some garage collection. I'm optimistic because you can already see El Diablo In any case, the feedback so far has been very positive.

The price makes it clear that the classic beauty is worth paying well for, but it is very limited.

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