Euro Festival in Saint Tropez 2022

Harley-Davidson Eurofestival St. Tropez has now been postponed to 2023!

In the last few weeks, an event date for the Eurofestival 2022 in St. Tropez has been circulating. However, this was not confirmed by Harley-Davidson , which is why there was no further information about it on the Harley site. Now in France it has been announced by the Grimaud tourism board that the event will be postponed until 2023.

The event will be organized by Harley-Davidson France in the future and is intended to appeal to more bikers with a different concept. The event takes place at a great location and is really worth the trip if it takes place again in 2023. I particularly remember the bike show in the old town of Grimaud, the atmosphere of the old town of Grimaud is really something special and there are a lot of beautiful Harley conversions to see.

The Eurofestival in Saint Tropez is scheduled to take place again in 2023. As soon as there is official information about the Eurofestival 2023, you will be informed about it on the Harley site.

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