Harley-Davidson Events 2021.

Summer and the Harley-Davidson events

The excitement in the scene is enormous right now, some organizers are canceling their event and others are confirming theirs. Everyone would certainly like to go through with it, but it always depends on the circumstances when approval is granted.

The European Bike Week 2021

Summer and the Harley-Davidson events 1
European Bike Week on the main stage

The biggest hit was the confirmation of the European Bike Week at Lake Faak , in Austria. This message was a direct stress test for the new Harleysite server, which has been working since spring. Very few people expected this decision and some still don't really believe in it even after the official announcement. the Harley-Davidson management announced early on that they would do everything in their power to make the Faaker See take place this year if the circumstances allow it.

There were various online meetings with the authorities in Austria beforehand; everyone is aware of their responsibility towards visitors and employees. The organizer will announce in a separate announcement how the event will be designed in concrete terms as soon as a complete picture emerges; various concepts are already being worked on. Accommodation bookings are already going well according to the announcement. The date of the European Bike Week is from September 7th to 12th, 2021.

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The cancellation of the Hamburg Harley Days 2021

Summer and the Harley-Davidson Events 2
Till Demtrøder, Horst Lichter and Jan Hofer

Unfortunately, the situation in Hamburg is a little different. Although it is very possible to regulate the event so that there is only controlled access, the Hamburg Harley Days with a mask requirement would not have been an option for the organizer. At this point in time, if you don't have to wear a mask, you won't get a permit from the authorities. Approval from the authorities is not ruled out, but an event of this size definitely needs planning security and you already know exactly how you don't want to carry it out.

The event could certainly have been realized, but the event thrives on people being able to recognize each other, meet each other and eat or drink in a relaxed manner. If the bikers don't have fun, nothing is eaten and because one doesn't work without the other, there is too much risk for everyone involved. We mustn't forget the exhibitors, most of them are doing poorly, they no longer have the reserves to barely make it through the event weekend if the sales are not right. In the end, the cancellation was sad, but certainly an understandable decision. The next date for the Hamburg Harley Days is from June 24th to 26th, 2021

The Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott

Photo credit: 22nd Harley Meeting Ruhrpott
Photo credit: 22nd Harley Meeting Ruhrpott

In Hatting the situation is completely different. The Ruhrpott Meeting in Hattingen does not have enough alternative space, and it is particularly difficult at the entrance. This is where all the visitors come together and there is simply no way to break up the flow of visitors. The beautiful location is its handicap, traditionally so many visitors come on this one day of the event that the organizer Klaus Fröhlich as an individual does not want to take responsibility.

Everything may go well, or it may not; approval would have been possible, but it would undoubtedly have caused a headache for the authorities. That's why the event won't take place again until next year. The Harley-Davidson dealers Pfeiffer, Thunderbike and MotoMaxx share this view, they would have been happy if it took place, but they understand the organizer's concerns, because in the end he has to bear the responsibility alone on his shoulders. He has built up the event over the years, it's not worth gambling on, so we're looking forward to next year's event. The 26th Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott is on August 7th, 2022

The Harley Days Dresden 2021

Harley Days Dresden 2021
Harley Days Dresden 2021

In Dresden, on the other hand, the signs point to go! There is a large, spacious event area at your disposal. If necessary, a wide variety of concepts can be implemented here. The authorities have already sent a positive signal and further discussions are currently underway.

Dresden is a particularly beautiful city, there is a lot to combine here. Very good hotels that want to be booked and an event area where a lot is possible. Discussions are still ongoing at the moment, so far the go-ahead means that we now want to do everything we can to get the event off the ground in this very short time.

Basically just the concept has to be in place, the exhibitors have been on standby for a long time and are hoping to finally be able to present their goods again. The bikers are also waiting to be able to show off their bikes to each other again and of course they want to see what others are riding or have done with their machines.

Seeing and being seen is something we've had to do without for a long time. Let's hope something works in Dresden. The date of the Harley Days Dresden 2021 is from July 23rd to 25th, 2021.

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