Harley-Davidson event information 2022/2023

Harley-Davidson Events – European Bike Week – Hamburg Harley Days – 120th Budapest

There is new information about the upcoming official Harley-Davidson events in Europe.

As you've probably noticed, the 120th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Party will take place in the beautiful city of Budapest June 22nd to 25th, 2023 Yesterday Harley-Davidson published the information internationally. If you want to book a hotel near the event location, you should hurry up.

The party is expected to take place around the Puskás Aréna , this information has not been officially communicated yet! Reserve the hotel here now! Always pay attention to the cancellation conditions during these times! We will be happy to forward exhibitor inquiries (English).

Hamburg Harley Days – Customizer unloaded?!

Hamburg Harley Days – June 24th to 26th, 2022

Word on social media was that no customizers were welcome Hamburg Harley Days According to Harleysite information, two companies were not accepted as exhibitors. On the one hand, they are customizers, but they also specialize in the import of Harley-Davidson accident machines and gray imports.

It's no secret and has been known for a long time that Harley-Davidson isn't particularly fond of this. When we asked Harley-Davidson there was no statement about this, but of course customizers can register as exhibitors for the Hamburg Harley Days , so that probably explains it all by itself. The form for exhibitors and customizers can be downloaded here! Please send it directly to UBA GmbH, or send an inquiry via email here ( verkauf@bergmanngruppe.de ).

Get your ticket here!! External link to the ticket shop / reserve a hotel room in Hamburg here now!

Harley-Davidson “The No Show”

The last few years have been very tough for many exhibitors and customizers, which is why Harley-Davidson launched The No Show In “The No Show”, some customizers who are not authorized Harley-Davidson dealers were given a media platform by the company, which filled many of them with pride.

During this difficult time, there were only a few or no bike shows taking place internationally. In the following video is Josh Allison, I know him from Orange County Choppers, he is really a great old school mechanic who is completely dedicated to the bobber style.

European Bike Week 2022 at Lake Faak in Austria

European Bike Week from September 6th to 11th, 2022 

Now there is first information about the European Bike Week 2022 at Lake Faaker See. In the last few days there have been more and more inquiries from the Harley community about the largest Harley-Davidson meeting in Europe. For many people it doesn't work without planning, the vacation has to be announced, discussed with friends and finally you want to know whether there is something on offer or what you can prepare for.

When asked about it, Kolja Rebstock , Regional Vice President EMEA at Harley-Davidson , said that they wanted to get the party going again this year. Last year the party flame wasn't really blazing and no dealers were allowed at Harley Village due to official requirements.

This year everything will be different again. The preliminary planning is now underway and Kolja Rebstock emphasized again how important the community and the events are for Harley-Davidson. The Harley-Davidson brand has a unique selling point worldwide in this form and people are aware of that.

In 2022 the stage will be back, where we can experience live music and pure partying. Kolja Rebstock will also see the authorized dealers and other exhibitors again, as usual in the large area. Harley Village should be what it was before the pandemic and we are working on that now.

More details will follow in the next few weeks.

The event area was a sad sight last year, but a lot of bikers still came, they simply rode the many most beautiful motorcycle routes around Lake Faak and the border triangle. This year the chapters will be offering their tours again and Harley-Davidson Motodrom in Klagenfurt has already announced that it will also offer a lot of entertainment again.

Book your hotel at Lake Faak here now…

Which Harley-Davidson events are you attending? Multiple selection is possible,

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