fat bob

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and Sportster Forty-Eight shine with high residual value

According to Schwacke, Harley-Davidson Fat Bob topped the residual value list with 75.2% in the spring , followed by the Sportster Forty-Eight with 74.6%. Followed by the Ducati MTS 1200 with 66.8% and BMW R 1200 GS with 65.5%.

The pursuers are not at all comparable in terms of model type and the fact that BWM and its top dog, the R 1200 GS, is in fourth place in the comparison is a bit surprising, after all it is the model with the most new registrations in 2012. Buyers may prefer to go for the new one instead compared to the used machine, the difference of almost 10% less compared to the best Harley is already huge.


Harley Davidson Fat Bob

At Harley-Davidson we always look carefully, and it's often worth talking to a Harley dealer. There's always something attractive about new machines when the used market price for your desired model is very high. Supply and demand always regulate it, with these two Harley models the demand is always very high! One can rightly say that the Sportster series in particular have developed a lot in recent years, really great models that look simply perfect even off the shelf. The 1200 engine is very powerful, the compact design of the Sportys and the good handling are the outstanding arguments of the popular Harley's.

Maybe the Fat Bob and Forty-Eight models are just particularly well looked after and cared for by their owners!

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