10 years of Forty-Eight
Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight model year 2013


Ten years ago, Harley-Davidson presented the first Forty-Eight

  • 1202 cubic centimeters, 96 Newton meters and a stable Sportster chassis
  • In the stylish look of the post-war bobber
  • One of the top sellers in the Harley-Davidson portfolio for a decade

(Neu-Isenburg, April 6th, 2020) It came, saw and won - it's hard to believe that it's been ten years since the first of its kind hit asphalt. The Forty-Eight still looks as timeless as it did on day one and aims right at the heart of the Harley community with its reduced-to-the-essentials look and original riding experience.

10 years of Forty-Eight - Harleysite
10 years of the Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight model year 2020

At the center of the visual action is the 1,202 cubic centimeter, air-cooled V-twin. With a whopping 96 Newton meters at 3,500 crankshaft rotations, the impressive long-stroke engine also makes a powerful impact when driving. And thanks to the low-maintenance timing belt, ABS brakes, a 49-millimeter cartridge fork on massive triple clamps and emulsion spring struts at the rear, the stiff Sportster chassis confidently transfers the power to the road.

The impressively beefy outfit of the Forty-Eight is a reminiscence of the purist bobbers that were created in many US garages and backyards after the Second World War - true to the motto: get rid of everything that is dispensable. Our forefathers knew: a crouched silhouette, two fat 16-inch bikes, flat handlebars, a low solo saddle and of course a V2 with a strong character, that's all you need for the ultimate driving fun on two wheels. And when the whole thing is accompanied by the emotionally charged pulse of the pistons and the unmistakable Harley sound , it pulls the corners of real bikers' mouths right up.

10 years of Forty-Eight - Harleysite
10 years of Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

The 2.1 gallon (7.95 liter) peanut tank makes a decisive contribution to Forty-Eight's Milwaukee and also gives the machine its name: Founded in 1948 This is the first time you've seen such a dynamically styled fuel tank on a Harley-Davidson .

Details such as the rearview mirrors mounted under the handlebars, the classic round air filter and the combined LED taillights, brake and indicator lights contribute to the custom look of the Forty-Eight, while the perforated frame cover in front of the seat as well as the slots in the exhaust shields and the timing belt cover reminiscent of the performance that was also characteristic of the fat-reduced post-war bobbers. Of course, everything on this machine that looks like metal is made of metal - proof of its unshakable solidity, which is conveyed by just looking at it.

10 years of Forty-Eight - Harleysite
10 years of Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight

Could a vehicle embody the word components “engine” and “wheel” in a more casual, stylish and accurate way? No wonder that the Forty-Eight has been one of the top sellers in the Harley-Davidson model range for ten years. In 2020 it is available in four strong colors and with a classic tank emblem - with keyless ignition, immobilizer, four-year guarantee and, if desired, reduced power to suit the A2 driving license .

More information about the Forty-Eight , its “Special” variant and the other six Sportster models can be found at Harley-Davidson.com .

Text & Image Credits: Copyright Harley-Davidson

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