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One world, one jacket

Harley-Davidson Freedom Jacket as an ambassador on a world tour

The best storys are written by life. Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing Officer of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, was actually just on a motorcycle tour across the Tibetan plateau.

Undoubtedly an exciting trip in a breathtaking landscape with unforgettable impressions from a foreign culture. But it was this one moment that turned a special journey into a unique story that is now being continued around the globe.

During a stopover on a high mountain peak, Richer noticed a Tibetan who was renewing the characters on the kilometer stones.

“Harley-Davidson” on his jacket with red paint and pointed to his motorcycle.

The man liked the idea and painted the Chinese characters for "freedom" on Richer's sleeve.

The “Freedom Jacket” was born - not just a motorcycle jacket, but a symbol of the need for freedom and independence that Harley-Davidson seems to embody for people even in the most remote places on the globe.

It was only natural for Richer to send his jacket on a journey around the world to connect people everywhere in friendship.

Mallorca Bike Week 2022

04HD13 Freedom_JacketThe Freedom Jacket “on the road” again and has already been on numerous adventures with the people who wear it.

Whether during the official opening ceremonies for the company's 110th birthday in Milwaukee , during Harley Days in Rio de Janeiro or at the HOG Rally in Mexico , the jacket's history has become a symbol of freedom and peaceful coexistence and has already received numerous awards other decorations, including a peace sign.

In the coming months, the Freedom Jacket and its wearers will continue history in many new places, including India, Australia, South Africa and Rome.

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