Harley-Davidson was named “Germany’s customer winner” in an n-tv study 1

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Harley-Davidson was named “Germany’s customer winner” in an n-tv study

• Ranked first among motorcycle manufacturers in a large consumer study
• 1,145 brands and companies from 53 industries were examined
• Satisfaction, trust and recommendation as central research factors

(Neu-Isenburg, April 16, 2018) Unfriendly staff, weak service, the feeling of actually being a nuisance in the store, having to pay incomprehensible surcharges and, on top of all that, having to accept unpunctuality - the customer no longer seems to be king in Germany. It's nice to hear that there is another way: for example at Harley-Davidson .

2018HD14 Harley Davidson is Germany's customer winner 2ndThis has just been confirmed by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), which, on behalf of the news channel n-tv, determined which providers German consumers feel best looked after, which brands score particularly highly with their customer service and which have the highest customer trust enjoy. In the mobility category, Harley-Davidson left its competitors from Germany, Japan, Austria, Italy and Great Britain behind and confidently took first place among motorcycle manufacturers.

As part of the large consumer study "Germany's Customer Winner", the DISQ examined a total of 1,145 brands and companies from 53 industries, which were grouped into seven categories - mobility, sports and leisure, home and garden, food, drugstore, child and baby and health . 130 companies from the car manufacturers, automotive accessories, rail travel, motorcycle manufacturers, tire manufacturers and maritime and coastal shipping sectors made up the mobility category. Only companies or brands that received at least 80 reviews were included in the final evaluation. The three main factors in the study were satisfaction with the company, trust in the brand and the recommendation rate.

“We are very pleased that consumers rated our brand so positively in all three dimensions,” emphasizes Frank Klumpp, Marketing Director Harley-Davidson Central Europe. “Of course, not everything always runs smoothly for us, but we do everything we can to delight our customers. We would especially like to thank our 65 German Harley-Davidson dealers, because they are the most important link between us and our customers. It is their competence and authenticity that makes such a result possible.” You can find out more about Harley-Davidson at www.Harley-Davidson.com.

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