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the most Googled motorcycle manufacturer in most parts

  • Study by Australian insurance company Budget Direct shows:
  • In 83 countries, HD is number 1 in searches for motorcycle brands
  • Germans, Austrians and Swiss prefer to search for HD

(Neu-Isenburg, December 14, 2020) More than half of the world's population has been online for about two years, and most people use Google to find their way in the maze of the web. The internationally most popular search engine has been under this name since 1997 and since 2004 the verb “googling” has even been found in the German spelling dictionary. People around the world are googling as much as they can: the company registers more than 3.8 million search queries every minute. Quite a few of them relate to motorcycles and motorcycle brands.

The Australian insurance company Budget Direct discovered which ones in a recent study. Google data was used to determine how often people search for which motorcycle brand in each country. As a result, Budget Direct states: “Judging by the number of searches, Harley-Davidson is by far the most sought-after motorcycle brand in the world.” In 83 of the approximately 195 countries into which our planet is divided, the brand from Milwaukee is at the top on the list of search engine queries regarding motorcycles.

According to the survey, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are firmly in orange-black hands: the most searched motorcycle brand there is called Harley-Davidson. According to Budget Direct, people in Northern and Western Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as in large parts of Eastern Europe including Russia also prefer to type the words “Harley” and “Davidson” into the Google search mask when it comes to motorcycle brands.

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“We are by no means the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, but our brand embodies what most people dream of when they think of motorcycles,” says Lisa Happ, Marketing Lead Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Harley-Davidson GmbH. “This not only makes us very happy, it also motivates us for our future work.”

If you want to find out more about Harley-Davidson, search on Google or – easier – take a look at the website www.Harley-Davidson.com .

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