Harley-Davidson Graz offers
a Harley with a whopping two liter displacement

The product of the force, measured in Newtons, and the lever arm, measured in meters, equals Newton meters and is called torque. The longer the lever arm and/or the greater the force, the higher the torque. Anyone who wants to experience the difference between such dry physics and the heartwarming reality should hop on a Harley-Davidson .
You will experience that torque feels like powerful power - especially when it is in the range above 145 Newton meters... The Electra Glide , converted by Harley-Davidson Graz, .26HDD11_SE120_H-D_Graz-1---

Thanks to a displacement of 1,690 cubic centimeters, distributed over two air-cooled cylinders arranged in a V-shape, the king of the standard Harley touring bikes is already well equipped: the two fat pistons press 134 Newton meters onto the crankshaft ex works.

this motorcycle , a 120 cubic inch original Harley-Davidson V2 made in the USA – 1,966 cubic centimeters displacement with the Austrian official blessing. The result is impressive: turning the throttle grip stretches the driver's arms so powerfully that a broad grin can hardly leave his face. The already mentioned 145 Newton meters are already included in the series trim of the power plant. Depending on the tuning and exhaust system, they can still be increased significantly up to 200 Newton meters.


26HDD11_SE120_H-D_Graz-2---The engine, manufactured by Harley-Davidson and sold in the USA through the original Parts and Accessories range, has not yet been offered in Austria.26HDD11_SE120_H-D_Graz-3--- The ultimate touring motorcycle with the extremely powerful heart is the first of its kind in the Alpine republic, but one thing is certain: more will follow. “If desired, we can install the almost two-liter V2 in a street-legal manner in every Dyna and every tourer from model year 2002 and in every Softail from model year 2007,” says Alex Dieber, Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Graz. If you want to take a test drive with the fiery joy-giver, simply contact the Graz team on +43 (0)316 258 173 or visit the team at Kärntnerstrasse 173. Further information about Harley-Davidson Graz can be found at www.hdgraz.at.


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