Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 in the 50,000-kilometer endurance test 1

We are the champions

The Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 confidently mastered a 50,000-kilometer marathon

  • First place in the endurance test ranking of the trade magazine “Motorrad”
  • The Harley is certified to be unconditionally reliable
  • Three Harley models in the top five in the long-term test ranking

(Neu-Isenburg, October 23, 2020) When a bike is driven by professional motorcycle journalists for two years, slow gear is a foreign word. In tough everyday testing, you have to brave rain, snow and ice, transport other drivers on different routes day in and day out and endure ruthless measurements of all vital functions more than once.

“Motorrad” has been conducting rigorous field tests to test the reliability and durability of machines - since 1991 over a distance of a full 50,000 kilometers .

Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114
Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114

In October 2020, another Harley-Davidson – the Heritage Classic 114 – ended its life as the Stuttgart editors’ marathon lady. And what happened? “Nothing ,” the testers stated: After the test distance, the driving performance was comparable to the level of the new machine, power and torque had even increased slightly, the thirst for oil was almost zero, the engine was running healthily and the general condition of the frame and chassis was more than good .

Even the components of the completely dismantled Milwaukee-Eight 114 showed their best side. “Almost 100 percent” you can simply reassemble V2

The VW Beetle used to be the inspiration for unconditional reliability, says “Motorrad” . Transferred to the here and now, the endurance test Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 the Beetle legacy. “Indestructible, reliable, a long-term runner.” It is rightly the new “reliability champ” in the all-time best list.

By the way, you can find three Harley models in places one to five. In addition to the new marathon king, the Heritage Classic 114, there is the Road King , which topped the endurance test ranking for an impressive five years since 2008, and the Sportster 1200 Custom Limited Edition A, which passed its endurance test with flying colors in 2018.

Harley-Davidson therefore advises its customers the same as Europe's largest motorcycle trade magazine: “Lean back, enjoy your motorcycle !”

If you want to find out more about the reliable two-wheelers from Milwaukee, check out the Internet at www.Harley-Davidson.com or visit your nearest Harley-Davidson dealer.

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