Harley-Davidson is realigning, that means the end for Buell and MV Augusta!

Now it is clear that the US company Harley-Davidson will crush the traditional companies Buell and MV Augusta, the Buell employees will be unemployed at the end of the year, that is one tragedy, the other is of course the story about Erik Buell. He has published a video in which he comments on this, the drama is clearly visible in his face and if you listen to him talk about the togetherness of the Buell drivers, you believe every word he says. Where else does it happen that one person is so behind a brand, but even he couldn't prevent it. In some cases the run on the last models has already begun, some are worth more dead than alive, that's probably the same with motorcycles no different. The parts warehouse will still be full for the next few years and service will continue to be offered, but there is no longer a new Buell.

Nobody knows yet whether the decision is the right one, the campaign with MV Augusta could definitely have been saved, but there are rumors in the scene that there is an interested party for the motorcycle brand MV Augusta, so let's get rid of it quickly, That would be my tip now! The fact that the Buell Kahn has now sunk is certainly due to the fact that Harley-Davidson never managed to steer the ship in the right direction. First change the Buell logo and if that doesn't work, close the store, that's how you can imagine it.

It is certainly right to concentrate more on the actual Harley-Davidson company; CEO Keith Wandell wants and has to pull the handbrake, and probably forcefully. Sales have fallen by 20 percent and when a company is listed on the stock exchange, a loss is not part of the program. Then let's hope that Harley-Davidson gets better again, otherwise in the future the cult bikers will only be able to buy spare parts like the Buell riders and who wants that!


It remains to be seen whether the official Harley-Davidson and Buell stunt rider Rainer Schwarz will still ride his Buell in the future or whether he will only ride his Harley, but so far it has always been a good mix.

rainer_schwarz_copyright_wolf.jpgThe spark is now off, as you can see in the photo, you can also go for sporty rides with a Buell. If you were still undecided whether to buy a Buell or not, the recommendation is to buy!!!  

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