Trade dispute update: Harley-Davidson faces punitive tariffs again in 2024
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Trade dispute update: Harley-Davidson faces punitive tariffs again in 2024

Failed negotiations between the United States and the EU could bring punitive tariffs for Harley-Davidson into play again in 2024.

The current developments in the trade dispute between the EU and the USA also affect the special tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles for the EU market if there is no agreement in the customs dispute.

At a summit on October 20, 2023, the EU and the US were unable to reach an agreement to resolve key trade disputes. The negotiations were aimed at eliminating long-term competitive disadvantages for European steel and aluminum exporters in the US market, but there was no agreement.

The special tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum imports by the then US administration in 2018 remain a point of contention. A preliminary agreement in 2021 had limited the impact of these tariffs, but a long-term solution has not yet been found.

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If no solution is found by 2024, special tariffs could again be imposed on all European steel and aluminum exports imported into the USA. In response, the EU could in turn introduce special tariffs on US products such as bourbon whiskey, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and jeans.

Harley-Davidson had already announced in April 2021 that it would take legal action against higher EU tariffs. Should the conflict revive in 2024 and Harley-Davidson would be affected again, the Milwaukee company, led by Jochen Zeitz, will certainly take direct action against it.

This current situation suggests ongoing tension between the EU and the US, with the possibility of re-imposition of special tariffs in 2024 on Harley-Davidson motorcycles if an agreement is not reached.

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