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Harley-Davidson announces further information about LiveWire and presents two concept studies

Las Vegas (08.01.2019) Harley-Davidson just presented the next generation of two-wheelers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and revealed further details about the LiveWire . The first electric Harley-Davidson will offer an exceptional and connected driving experience and will be available later this year.

The LiveWire represents the future of Harley-Davidson, offering riders powerful electric propulsion, captivating design and impressive connectivity today. It is the first machine in a completely new motorcycle portfolio and offers impressive acceleration, agile handling, high-quality materials, the best workmanship and a whole range of electronic driving aids and interfaces for a connected driving experience.

The performance of the LiveWire promises experienced riders a fascinating riding experience and its clutchless design makes vehicle control particularly easy for less experienced bikers. The launch of LiveWire underscores Harley-Davidson's strategic goals to strengthen its U.S. business, accelerate international growth, build the next generation of riders worldwide and establish the company as a leader in two-wheel electrification.  

“The evolution of mobility has reached a historic point and Harley-Davidson wants to be at the forefront,” said Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich. “Innovations that move the body and soul alike have always characterized our brand and this new chapter in our company history will be about offering options and products for our existing customers as well as future drivers of all ages and backgrounds.”

A new and dynamic driving experience

The LiveWire will delight long-time drivers as well as beginners and returnees. It forms an ideal synthesis of power, performance and technology and is characterized by the following features:

  • Amazing acceleration: from 0 to 60 mph (96.56 km/h) in under 3.5 seconds. The torque generated by the HD Revelation electric drive train is fully available from the first wheel revolution and can be accessed in full at any time.
LiveWire Orange Denim
Harley-Davidson LiveWire Orange Denim
  • Twist and go: The electric drive requires neither clutch nor gearbox, which makes operation much easier for less experienced bikers. All drivers will appreciate the braking effect of the recuperation, which recharges the battery - especially in stop-and-go urban traffic.
  • HD Connect: The LiveWire is equipped with HD Connect, which connects connectivity and cloud services to the Harley-Davidson app via the LTE standard cellular network. This technology is being used for the first time in a US large-scale electric motorcycle. HD Connect collects vehicle data and transfers it to the app to provide the driver with various information. These can be accessed from any location where a sufficient mobile signal is available.
    • Motorcycle status: Information available via HD Connect includes current battery charge level and available range. When charging the battery, the time until it is fully charged is displayed. Thanks to the location finder integrated into the app, the location of the nearest charging station is easy to determine.

HD™ Connect Service: The LiveWire motorcycle is equipped with HD™ Connect, which pairs motorcycle riders with their bikes through an LTE-enabled Telematics Control Unit coupled with connectivity and cloud services using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ App. This technology makes the LiveWire motorcycle the first North American mass-market cellular-connected electric motorcycle. With HD Connect, data is collected and transferred to the app to provide information to the rider's smartphone about:

Harley Davidson LiveWire
Harley Davidson LiveWire
  • Tampering warning and vehicle tracking: HD Connect shows the location of the parked LiveWire. If unauthorized persons tamper with the motorcycle or move it, the driver will receive a corresponding message. GPS-based tracking provides peace of mind that the location of a stolen vehicle can be traced (requires assistance from authorities, available in select markets).
  • Service reminders and notifications: The HD app provides the driver with reminders of service appointments and other information relating to the vehicle.
  • Performance and range optimized for the urban driver: In urban traffic, the machine offers a range of around 110 miles (approx. 177 kilometers) on a single battery charge.
  • Handling: The LiveWire's chassis ensures agile driving characteristics in the city and on winding roads beyond the city. The HD Revelation drivetrain has been positioned low in the motorcycle to lower the center of gravity, give the machine good handling at all speeds and make maneuvering easier. The bike has Electronic Chassis Control with cornering ABS and traction control as standard. The fully electronic systems have the latest motion and ABS sensors.
  • Distinctive sound and minimal vibration: To increase driving comfort, the HD Revelation electric powertrain ensures a minimum of vibration, heat and noise. Instead, the LiveWire produces a new, signature Harley-Davidson sound as soon as it starts moving. He represents the gentle, electrical power of the machine.

From Project LiveWire to standard LiveWire

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Harley Davidson LiveWire Orange Denim
Harley Davidson LiveWire

The vision behind the LiveWire production motorcycle began with Project LiveWire in the form of electric prototypes, which were introduced in 2014 to determine the potential of an electric-powered Harley-Davidson. The Project LiveWire demo tour gave fans and potential customers around the world the opportunity to ride one of the prototypes and give Harley-Davidson their feedback.

The response was overwhelming. This enabled the project to be further developed according to the wishes and ideas of customers. The result is the series version of the LiveWire, which combines the findings from the development of the prototypes, the feedback from the demo tour, further advances in the layout and the latest technology.

The LiveWire will be commercially available in 2019.

Harley-Davidson unveiled two new electric concept cars at CES

2019HD01 LiveWire at CES Concept 1
LiveWire at CES Concept

Harley-Davidson also presented ideas for the next generation of two-wheelers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company presented two concept studies that, alongside the series version of the LiveWire, open a new, electrified chapter in the company's history, characterized by innovative approaches to technology and design.

Both studies could enable urban mobility on two-wheelers in the future, both bring with them the experience that Harley-Davidson has gained in its long history with two-wheelers, and both redefine existing ideas about design and technology.

2019HD01 LiveWire at CES Concept 2
LiveWire at CES Concept

Last year, the Motor Company presented its vision for the future with the “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” initiative - with a view to new products in additional segments, expanded access to the brand for new customers and a strengthening of the dealer network. The series production of the LiveWire and the two studies underline the company's claim and point to a broad portfolio of electrically powered two-wheelers with which Harley-Davidson will establish itself as a leader in the field of e-mobility over the next few years and attract new bikers with new ideas about it Want to get excited about motorcycling.  

Further details about the new Harley-Davidson LiveWire and information about other innovations can be found at Harley-Davidson.com/Electric or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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