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The Pan America 1250 and the Pan America 1250 Special from Harley-Davidson are motorcycles for explorers who seek freedom on the road as well as off-road. To intensify this experience and make it even more individual, Harley-Davidson has developed luggage systems and other accessories for adventure tourers and their riders. Designed to be an integral visual and functional part of the motorcycle, each part fits perfectly and has been tested to Harley-Davidson's high quality standards for durability.

Luggage options for the Pan America 1250 and the Pan America 1250 Special

For the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models, Harley-Davidson has developed a tank bag and three luggage systems - Sport, Aluminum and Adventure - designed specifically for these models, each supporting a specific style of travel and a specific rider preference address. Left and right side cases are sold together as a kit, while the top case is sold separately.

Of course the cases and the top case are waterproof. Each of the three luggage compartments is designed to hold a maximum of 10 kilograms, increasing load capacity without compromising ride or handling.

Sports Luggage:

This luggage set was designed primarily for use on the road. It is suitable for drivers who want to transport luggage and at the same time value a clean look when the suitcases are removed. This system includes side cases and a top case made of robust composite plastic with smooth surfaces. The suitcase and top case can be removed, and each piece of luggage also has a carrying handle.

  • The brackets for the panniers are integrated into the motorcycle, so that once the panniers are removed there are no additional parts left behind to spoil the look.
  • The top case requires the installation of a mounting plate (sold separately).
  • The top case holder is designed to protect the contents from impacts.
  • Seals in the lids ensure watertightness.
  • Volumes: right case: 36 liters, left case: 40 liters, top case: 40 liters.
  • Inner pockets are available as additional accessories.

Aluminum case for the Pan America:

The robust light metal cases were developed in collaboration with SW-Motech and are designed to provide the best possible protection for your equipment, even on demanding adventures. In order to ensure fit and durability in factory quality without negatively affecting handling and lean angles, the cases were developed and tested together with the motorcycle. The side cases and the top case are available in black painted or silver anodized versions.

  • The welded construction is as stable as it is waterproof.
  • The aluminum cases and their brackets are designed to withstand tough tipping tests; They may suffer dents but remain fully functional.
  • The system has six locks with a common key to lock each case and lock the cases to the motorcycle.
  • The cases have integrated handles and eyelets, robust closures and corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges. Their lids are removable and replaceable.
  • The seals in the lid ensure watertightness.
  • The side cases are attached using a mounting system (sold separately) and can be removed.
  • The top case requires the installation of a mounting plate (sold separately).
  • Volumes: right case: 37 liters, left case: 45 liters, top case: 38 liters.

Adventure Soft Saddlebags and Luggage Roll:

The soft bag line is designed for the off-road driver. The bags are as durable as they are waterproof and can easily take hits. Combined with compression straps, their roll-top design allows cargo to be tied tightly and luggage capacity to be flexible as needed. Reflective areas increase safety in low light conditions. The bags are offered including universal fastening straps and the side bags are sold as a set.

  • The outer pockets have waterproof zippers.
  • The soft bags use the same fasteners as the aluminum cases, so both sets can be interchanged.
  • The Adventure Soft Saddlebags are held in place by the Side Case Mounting System (sold separately).
  • The luggage roll can be attached behind the seat using a top case mounting plate (sold separately) or on the pillion seat in front of a top case.
  • Volumes: Right pocket: 30 liters, left pocket: 30 liters, luggage roll: 40 liters.

Tank bag:

To ensure a secure fit on the tanks of the Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special models, the bottom of this tank bag is shaped so that it fits exactly onto the plastic cover of the Pan America fuel tank.

  • The tank bag has a touch-sensitive viewing window on the top that allows you to operate a mobile device stored underneath.
  • It comes with a waterproof rain cover, which is also equipped with a touch-sensitive viewing window.
  • To make it easier to see the contents, the interior is bright orange.
  • Pockets and dividers in the tank bag help organize the contents.
  • One of these pockets is intended for an additional lithium-ion battery with a port for a cable.
  • There is a carrying handle on the top of the tank bag.
  • A tank bag holder can be stored under the front of the motorcycle seat when the tank bag is not attached to the tank.
  • The capacity of the tank bag is eight liters and it can carry up to 2.3 kilograms.
Pan America 1250 Special Harley Davidson
Pan America 1250 Special Harley Davidson

Further key accessories for Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special

Reach Solo Seat:

So that smaller drivers can reach the ground with both feet, the Reach Solo Seat reduces the seat height by around 2.5 centimeters. Like the original seat, it can be adjusted in two positions and still allows access to the tool tray underneath. It only replaces the driver's seat and corresponds to the style of the original.

Tallboy Solo Seat:

The Tallboy Solo Seat expands the angle between the upper and lower legs and offers tall drivers a confident seating position and high comfort on longer journeys. It can also be adjusted in two positions and allows access to the tool tray underneath. It only replaces the driver's seat and corresponds to the style of the original.

Tall Risers – black:

The Tall Risers move the position of the handlebars up and back by around 5.1 centimeters compared to the standard riser. Depending on the driver's stature, this leads to an optimized seating position, which benefits comfort and control over the vehicle - especially when the driver is standing in the notches. The Tall Risers can be installed together with original cables and wires.

Center stand:

The center stand (standard on the Pan America 1250 Special) ensures that the parked motorcycle takes up less space than when using the side stand. Since it also raises the rear wheel off the ground, it makes maintenance work and tire changing easier. The stand is already pre-assembled with springs.

Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Silencer:

This robust silencer consists of a titanium body, a carbon fiber end cap and a stainless steel center pipe. It weighs 42 percent less than the standard silencers on the Pan America models. Its deep, sporty sound is impressive but not intrusive. The silencer was developed together with the motorcycle to ensure a precise fit.   

Screamin' Eagle High Flow Air Filter:

The washable performance air filter has an off-road-specific filter medium. After an ambitious off-road journey, it can simply be cleaned, dried and oiled to remove dust, dirt and deposits. Compared to the standard air filter, it offers a nine percent higher air flow.

Steering damper:

The steering damper (standard on the Pan America 1250 Special) optimizes dynamic performance and supports the driver in the event of hard impacts that can impact the front wheel on rough terrain.

Michelin Anakee Wild off-road tires*:

Knobby tires (120/70 R19 front; 170/60 R17 rear) with a stylish tread designed for good off-road traction. These tires can be mounted on the standard cast light alloy wheels or the optionally available cross-spoke wheels. Note: Tire replacement requires a digital tech update from an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer.

Cross-spoke wheels:

Wheels with stainless steel spokes mounted below the tire bead on the outside of the aluminum rim (available as an option ex works for Pan America 1250 Special). This design allows the use of tubeless tires as well as the use of the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, eliminates the weight of a tube required on traditional spoked wheels and allows easy repair of spoke damage if necessary. The wheels also give the motorcycle a technically inspired look.

Crash bars:

The tubular steel crash bars (standard on the Pan America 1250 Special) protect the radiator cowl and other motorcycle components from damage and give the machine a robust look.

Radiator protection:

This component offers additional protection against small stones and other foreign objects when driving off-road. It also underlines the powerful appearance of the machine.

Motor protection:

The underrun protection, available as an accessory, replaces the standard component and offers additional protection against flying stones and foreign objects when driving off-road. It covers a larger part of the underside of the motorcycle and is made of even more durable light metal than the standard component. Thanks to the design integrated into the development at the factory, the engine guard offers a perfect fit.

Headlight protection:

The protective grille for the headlight protects it from stones and other foreign objects and underlines the indestructible design.

Screamin' Eagle Heat Shield Insert:

The lightweight carbon fiber exhaust shield keeps heat away from the rider's leg and increases airflow at the manifold. Reflective heat protection material is applied to the back. The insert can be mounted above the original exhaust shield on both Pan America models.


The Adventure windshields offer quality in a distinctive style and maintain the function of the height adjustment mechanism. Regardless of their stature, every driver will find the window that meets their needs in terms of comfort and tint.

Adventure Windshield, 11" Dark Smoke or Clear: Approximately 4.5" flatter than stock, this windshield allows most drivers to see over it.

Adventure Windshield, 45.7 centimeters, Clear: This windshield is approx. 6.4 centimeters higher than the standard one and offers additional protection from wind and moisture.

Auxiliary LED Forward Light Set:

The Auxiliary LED Forward Lights offer first-class functionality. Installed as a pair, each light performs three functions in one housing: fog lights, additional low beam and off-road lights. Since the lights were developed together with the machine, they are easy to install and fit precisely.

Tactical Heated Hand Grips

(standard on Pan America 1250 Special): To control these heated grips, a military-grade resistor and a thermostat are used, which monitors the heat output and adjusts it to the ambient temperature. The heating element wrapped inside the handles ensures constant and even heating. The black rubber grips are deeply profiled to give your hands a secure grip. The driver can choose between three heating levels, which are shown on the display.

The handle temperature remains constant regardless of changes in the outside temperature. For even heat distribution, the left and right handles are thermostatically controlled independently of each other. And to prevent the battery from discharging, the heating function is activated or deactivated when the ignition is switched on and off.

Tank knee pads:

These self-adhesive black rubber pads feature tapered ribs that echo the styling of the Pan America seat for added grip and comfort. The two-piece set provides protection for the areas where the driver's legs touch the tank.

Text & image credits Copyright: Harley-Davidson

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