Harley-Davidson meetings and events 2024 – highlights and dates
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Harley-Davidson meetings take place all over the world. The Harley Days in Hamburg and the European Bike Week at Lake Faak are among the Harley-Davidson event highlights in Europe.

Here you will find information about Harley-Davidson events and custom bike motorcycle fairs.
The events are a special attraction for Harley riders; no other motorcycle brand in the world offers its fans a comparable event backdrop.

Harley-Davidson events are worth the trip

Great locations, some in the middle of the city, which are among the metropolises in Europe such as Hamburg, are joined by events in the USA and many other beautiful international locations. The European Bike Week at Faaker See is the largest Harley-Davidson event in Europe. In the USA, only Sturgis Motorcycles Rally and Daytona Bike Week keep up. But no matter which Harley-Davidson event you attend, you will always meet like-minded people and friends!

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