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Harley-Davidson models 2022 – world premiere date


The Harley-Davidson world premiere of the new 2022 models is on January 26, 2022

What we can expect from Harley-Davidson and why we should expect higher prices!

MORE QUICKLY. FURTHER. – That’s the headline for the Harley-Davidson world premiere in 2022. What that means isn’t really clear; when I think of faster, the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to deliver, although these aren’t problems that only affect Harley-Davidson.

Maybe you think that the new Sportster models will now be faster and have a greater range. This would go very well with the Harley-Davidson logo in the background of the lead image that can be seen on Harley-Davidson's social media channels.

The new colors are already known

The Harley-Davidson colors of the 2022 models are known so far, you can even look at the color cards at your Harley-Davidson dealer now, only for the CVO models the color creations remain a secret.

Pan America 2021 Harley-Davidson

Pan America 2021 models

Pan America 1250 Special models are coming in January

If you're thinking about buying a Pan America in 2022, try to get one of the few 2021 models in January so you can save a euro or two!

Which Harley-Davidson models can we expect in 2022 and which ones will be dropped from the range?

The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim will almost certainly be out of the range

It is certain that the Softail Slim will be available with the 107 engine; so far it has only been available in the 107 engine version. It was actually always the perfect basis for a custom conversion, not only because the 107 engine is a good tuning template, but because its price-performance ratio was excellent, especially if the Softail Slim was intended for a conversion.

The Ultra Limited CVO is also expected to stop being built in 2022

The Ultra Limited CVO has always been the high-flyer among the tours, the CVO model series is something very special, but the FLHTKSE model is unlikely to come to Europe this year. It's impossible to say whether this is a long-term decision, but in any case it will keep its market price stable when it drops out of the program in 2022.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide and Street Bob 2021
Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114 and Sport Glide 2021

The Sport Glide and Softail Standard continue to come with the 107 Milwaukee-Eight engine

The Softail Standard and also the popular Sport Glide will continue to be offered in Europe, there are rumors from the USA; that the Sport Glide should be discontinued there, that will almost certainly not be the case in Germany. The Sport Gllde is one of the most popular Softail models on the German market.

The 107 Milwaukee-Eight is still in the HD program in 2022

So it's pretty clear that the 107 Milwaukee-Eight engine will do another round, which was to be expected at the end of the year. Harley-Davidson stopped production in September, which could not be avoided due to delivery bottlenecks from suppliers.

The production stop was timed so that the models could also be delivered as a 2022 model series. For example, the new paint colors were known quite early on, which may have something to do with this, because according to current information, the model changes will be limited in 2022.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide 2021
Harley-Davidson Sport Glide 2021

New cast wheels for some Softail models

Cast wheels are expected in the Street Bob, Softail Standard and Heritage models, a design effect that will, however, have more to do with the delivery difficulties of the spoked wheels, the problem already existed in 2021, Harley-Davidson is solving this problem with cast wheels.

A Low Rider S with a 117 engine is said to be in the starting blocks

We can be very excited about the Low Rider S, which will be launched with a 117 CVO engine. It will certainly be a burner, as Carmen Geiss would say. The Low Rider S is generally a very cool device, the perfect seating position and the good chassis of the 114 model series were impressive. The double BREMBO disc brakes installed at the front visually show that they can safely keep their sportiness in check.

Will there be a club style version in the second half of the year?

There is a rumor that a club style version is expected in the second half of the year. The trend is still going, as we already saw Battle of the Kings competition in 2019 At least we hear about another S version that could come later this year.

The Sportster Nightster with the Revolution Max engine

The Sportster Nightster has been under discussion for a long time and there are already some pictures of it, but let's wait until Harley-Davidson presents it itself on January 26, 2022, then we'll know exactly what it will look like and whether that's just the case the Nightster remains. Basically, the Sportster S is only now really reaching customers; it has been available all summer, but actual delivery to customers only started at the end of the year. Her year will be 2022, then we will see her on the streets more often. Things went better at Pan America, it was a hit with customers and was almost sold out.

The 975 Revolution Max engine

In Europe we expect the smaller 975 engine version of the Revolution Max engine , which will also be offered in the future Sportster and Pan America models.

The ultimate buying tip! Prices are expected to rise!

It can pay off to buy another Harley-Davidson from the 2021 model year.

There will still be latecomers to Harley-Davidson dealers in 2022

Additional deliveries of 2021 models are expected from Harley-Davidson dealers in January. Because of the punitive tariffs, they were parked in the free port until the end of the year and not all of them have been sold yet. If you want to save a few euros, you should consider buying another 2021 model. I currently suspect that you will save between €500 and €1000 if you buy it now.

There are probably still a few Pan America 1250 Special models among the latecomers. You shouldn't think about it too long, especially with this model. The situation is similar with the other models. If you have a favorite, you should at least ask your dealer and clarify the situation.

It is certain that Harley-Davidson will increase prices for 2022 models

Harley-Davidson will have to increase the prices of the entire 2022 model range, and anyone who studies the global market will know the reasons.

There is hardly any container capacity, transport costs have risen immensely, the entire cycle is completely messed up and raw material prices, for example steel, are going through the roof. This doesn't always have anything to do with the pandemic. Inflation will be noticeably responsible for price increases in all areas in 2022. Rising energy costs in particular will cause significant problems. The prices for plastics have risen by 20%, it affects so many areas that it will not be possible without price increases, the only question is how high it will be.

Nevertheless, we want to think positively, of course, a big burden has been taken care of, the punitive tariffs will no longer apply at the turn of the year, and these additional payments have so far been taken over by the company.

You probably don't expect a big surprise at the world premiere, but you're still excited about what's to come.

You can register for the live stream on the Harley-Davidson ! Afterwards you will of course find out all the information about the new models on the Harley site.

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