Harley-Davidson driving school Hanover 2022

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Driving School Hannover 2022

I was at Marcus Abernetty in Hanover and picked up some information about the motorcycle driving school that you can find at Harley-Davidson Hanover on the subject of driving school on the LIveWire. Of course he also has other Harleys and two Jeep Renegades available.

An interesting solution is how the H&H Fahrschool motorcycle driving school in Hanover makes the very powerful electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson particularly interesting for the first driving lessons of novice motorcycle riders. The project could set a precedent if you consider that many young people already ride electric scooters, as it is easier to get used to a heavy machine.

Visiting the H&H driving school Hanover – Grambartstraße 27, 3015 Hanover

Email: info@hundh-motorradfahrschule.de

Tel. 0511-899 496 294 Mon-Fri. 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

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