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A look into the crystal ball – Harley-Davidson innovations for 2019

As August approaches, things get particularly interesting with the new Harley models every year. Three new names have appeared that Harley-Davidson registered in 2017, leaving plenty of room for speculation. The first surprise should be the Harley-Davidson 48x .

One could assume that it will be a bike from the Sportster category. You don't need a lot of imagination to do this. It remains to be seen whether it will be a completely new engine frame concept. However, the current Sportster model range is still based on EVO technology. Although it works perfectly, it can be described as outdated, especially with a view to future emissions standards.

How about a long-awaited scrambler , a chic cafe racer would fit well into the program.

What will the Harley-Davidson Bronx be?

Will the new 2019 models a completely new design called the Harley-Davidson Bronx ? This is the second name in the bunch. However, is a complete new design with a view to Euro 5 probably still too early? Or are we dealing here with a design variant that is based on the new Softail frame and Milwaukee-Eight drive?

From 2020, the Euro 5 standard will apply to new vehicle types, which could mean the end of air-cooled Harleys. However, we also hear that new locations outside of the states have been planned since 2017, which could be put into operation as early as 2019. Maybe this will also be the starting signal for the new Euro 5 generation?

You shouldn't let your blood run cold at the thought that it could be the end of air coolers. There is information that the temperatures can also be regulated down with special liquids, which would at least hardly affect the appearance. Engine design has always been important to Harley-Davidson, they will pay attention to that.

What will the Harley-Davidson Pan America

The third name that appears in the crystal ball is “ Harley-Davidson Pan America .”
This can actually only be a new tourer that closes the gap between the new Sport Glide and the Street Glide . A tourer based on the Softail models, with slightly larger suitcases and a little more trim and comfort would be conceivable. The name Pan America actually suggests something bigger, but as I said, these are all just guesses.

Is there a new V-Rod based on the new Softail?

The next hot topic is still the V-Rod . Some dealers have bought up the latest models in considerable quantities. With daily registration dated December 31, 2016 and with Euro 3 registration, it was placed in the very large garage and sold off piece by piece. A new engine-frame concept would also be conceivable, as would another design variant based on the new Softails with Milwaukee-Eight drive.

And last but not least, we may hear something about the new Live Wire model in August, the developers are working at full speed here, battery life is high on the agenda. Harley-Davidson has hired special employees to deal with this problem in recent years, which was not only evident from the company's job advertisements from 2017.

Be that as it may, in the last 12 months Harley-Davidson has introduced more radical innovations than it has in a long time. Given the stricter emission limits, these steps were unavoidable. And it is to be expected that more surprises will be pulled out of the hat in the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated about everything new here as soon as possible.

Until then, unfortunately, all we can do is look into the crystal ball and look at the coffee grounds.

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