Harley-Davidson plans to close factory in India


The news has just come from India that Harley-Davidson intends to close the Bawal plant in Haryana after almost 10 years. This information comes from a person from India who was involved in the preliminary discussions, as an Indian daily newspaper has already reported.

It is clear that Jochen Zeitz will concentrate on the core business, which includes the markets of North America, Europe and parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The Street 500 and Street 750 were built in India, of which less than 2,500 units were sold in the last financial year. This year, up to June there were only around 100 units, which placed India last compared to the other markets and will be the trigger for Harley-Davidson's planned closure.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod
Harley-Davidson Street Rod

The Street 500 and 750 will continue to be produced in the USA

What the future looks like for European street models is not yet entirely clear. These two models will continue to be produced in the USA for the US market; CEO Jochen Zeitz may combine capacities here. It is certainly possible that it is cheaper to produce in the USA with punitive tariffs than to have an entire factory in India. And it would be a minimal start to getting back on track with Trump.

Jochen Zeitz would like to have the issue dealt with as quickly as possible, because larger stocks have already been offered in India with significant discounts and is trying to offer the hall and the rented assembly facility to car manufacturers. After almost 10 years in India, the resume probably doesn't look so good and the prospects of that changing are less promising.

There is no official statement from Harley-Davidson yet

The Street 500 and 750 are still present on the Harley-Davidson website, and that will certainly remain the case. There is no official statement from Harley-Davidson yet.

I have to say that the Street 750 is by no means a bad motorcycle. It's a cheap entry into the Harley world and you have plenty of options to turn it into a really stylish moped. Sure, it's not a sporty one, but it's still suitable as a cheap base for converting on a small budget.

A special cross version of the Street 750

As you can see here, an XG750, admittedly a bit heavy, but it has a powerful sound and performs quite well. Or if you want to keep it simple, with the custom parts from the Dark Custom catalog, it suddenly looks completely different and its ingredients aren't bad to begin with.

You just have to make something of it, as is so often the case with customization. Anyone who has ideas and the skills to do so has a clear advantage.

Otherwise, I think that Jochen Zeitz has his sails fully in the wind and is on course to continue realigning the company with a focus on its core business.

Plant closure in India – Podcast

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