Harley-Davidson recall Softail ST1 2017 to 2023

Harley-Davidson recall Softail ST1 – 2017-2023

October 24th, 2023 - Harley-Davidson is recalling the Softail ST1 models from the model years from January 24th, 2017 to August 7th, 2023. Harley-Davidson has now renamed the Softail models to Cruiser, so this also affects some vehicles from the Cruiser series.

The call applies to the 5759 vehicles from the Harley-Davidson Softail / Cruiser vehicle class.

Surnamemodel yearsEC model typeRecall code
Softail/Cruiser24.01.2017 – 07.08.2023ST1
KBA reference code 013146

The safety warning should be taken seriously; according to the KBA description, there is a risk of injury. The rear shock absorber attachment may break, causing it to contact the rear tire. This can cause a loss of pressure in the tire, increasing the risk of an accident.

You can check this information yourself on the following page with your VIN number to see whether this or another recall recommendation exists for your vehicle. If your Harley-Davidson is affected, contact your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for an appointment. The recall campaign is monitored by the KBA. In Germany, around 5,759 vehicles are affected.

Due to the large number of vehicles affected, of which there are 103,355 worldwide, you should definitely contact your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer as soon as possible and put them on hold, as the spare part may not be available immediately.

Release date: 10/10/2023

You can print out the PDF available from the KBA, which I have here for you, for your records, together with the receipt from the HD dealer, so that you know in your vehicle legend what you had fixed. Good for the folder you should have if you ever want to sell it.

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