With the Harley-Davidson to the legendary Red Square: Reuthers is planning a motorcycle trip from Berlin to Moscow! Coburg, August 19, 2013

This shows once again that great machines, impressive backdrops and dream trips are more than just business for the REUTHER-ENTERTAINMENTS team.

Each travel route is experienced and tested in advance by Hermann Reuther himself.

A man from practice for practice and so the Reuthers Special Event Tour “Berlin – Moscow 2015” planned down to the smallest detail:

It starts on June 12th, the Russian National Day, in the German capital Berlin, and in style in front of the historic Brandenburg Gate. From here we go on city tours via Gdansk and other historical places such as Königsberg and Riga to St. Petersburg - just in time for the natural event Midsummer Sun in Russia.

parade are planned as special highlights of the subsequent multi-day stay in Moscow .

Hermann Reuther: “Hopefully a performance of Swan Lake will be on the program at this point.”

The motorcycle trip takes you back to Berlin via Smolensk, the Belarusian capital Minsk, Warsaw and Poznan.

A route that is already generating enthusiasm worldwide among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. And a number of Swiss, Austrians, British, Dutch, French and Germans also want to be involved.

For real motorcycle fans, such a dream trip on the saddle of their own bike is of course an absolute hit and so all Europeans have the opportunity to take part in this Reuthers tour with their own motorcycle .

Harley-Davidson rental motorcycles are available for the rest of the world .

And who knows, maybe at the end of the tour, the saddle of your own Harley, the protective helmet or “just” the map will be personally signed by Bill Davidson or Vladimir Putin!”


Photo: © marcos81 – Fotolia.com


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