Supplier problems are now crippling Harley-Davidson Softail production!
Harley Davidson Street Glide

Supplier problems are now paralyzing Harley-Davidson Softail 2021 production!

Harley-Davidson is now hit hard because the supplier Bosch cannot supply chips for the Softail ABS sensors.

Harley-Davidson has actually been in the Corona crisis before and the prospects for 2022 don't look any better. The unspeakable battle with the EU, whereby the European HD dealer network is completely overlooked at the political level, shows very well that motorcycling is generally politically undesirable.

The ever stricter standards, driving bans and stricter dB limits are increasingly spreading. The noise emissions from engines are just as important as exhaust systems. The technical implementation of the regulations costs companies enormous amounts of money in development and, despite everything, motorcyclists continue to have fun with route closures. It no longer matters whether the vehicle has been properly registered for road traffic and is technically in perfect condition.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special
The Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special only has 90dB

According to the KBA, the Pan America appeared in the registration statistics for the first time, otherwise at the end of the top 50 registrations we only find the Fat Bob and the Sport Glide. There is currently talk of a decline of around 30%, which they want to offset with a few hundred Sportster S models at the end of the year and now the bad news is coming from the USA.

Harley-Davidson is canceling all Softail models for Europe that have not yet made it to sea.

Harley-Davidson has canceled various customer orders for the Softail 2021 models that were scheduled to be delivered this year and are not yet on their way to Europe. This affects the entire European market; the trigger is said to be an ABS chip from Bosch, which is explicitly used in the Softail series. If the chip is not delivered in the short term, you will have to switch to the 2022 models. The Softail production lines have been at a standstill for around 10 days. At the beginning of September, a cargo ship with new Harley-Davidson models for the European market was sent on its journey. Those who ordered in time will still be lucky.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob
Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Delivery bottlenecks at BOSCH

Bosch is currently repositioning itself and has built a new high-tech factory for the production of semiconductors in Dresden. It is unclear whether there is a connection with the switch to the new chip factory.

According to Harleysite information, it is currently not assumed that Bosch's delivery bottleneck can be solved in the short term. This problem also affects other manufacturers, which doesn't make things any better. Unfortunately, the prospects don't look good for those whose bikes didn't make it onto the ship; once the current delivery arrives, no more 2021 Softail models will likely be delivered. There will be price adjustments in 2022, the new colors have already been determined and the model that no longer appears in the lists will receive a modification.

The new colors of the 2022 Softail models are already known but not published.

If you're one of those who ordered one that isn't on the way yet, you'll probably get a call from your authorized Harley-Davidson dealer shortly. This is currently a very sad situation for the HD dealers; they all call more than just one customer to inform them about the current status of the situation. If you are affected by the production stop, the new colors of the Softail models are already known, your dealer can show them to you, according to my information they don't know anything else yet.

The ability to deliver was underwhelming all year round, whether it was spare parts or new Harley-Davidson models. And by switching off the modern pipeline software at Harley-Davidson, the customer no longer has any configuration options; now the motto is, you can order what we can offer you. The dealer can then make some additional adjustments. While other manufacturers provide an online configurator, Harley-Davidson has fallen behind a few years and wants to arouse desire.

Thunderbike Harley Davidson

The Harleysite glass ball!

The punitive tariffs will cause further problems!

What does the future hold? Things aren't looking so good, the Green Deal that Ursula von der Leyen has in mind will still cause problems for Harley-Davidson and other motorcycle manufacturers. At the moment it looks more like the EU still has no interest in the punitive tariffs disappearing into thin air at the end of the year!

If you look at the overall situation and listen to EU Commission President von der Leyen's environment, where there is a general lack of understanding of motorcycling, we can certainly expect that the EU will trigger stage 2 of the punitive tariffs, in which case Harley-Davidson will pay a punitive tariff of 56% on every motorcycle imported into the EU. This is a very massive problem, not only for Harley-Davidson, but also for all European Harley-Davidson dealers and customers of the traditional brand.

The EU is cashing in on Harley-Davidson!

Currently the tariff is 31%, which is absolutely unfair and puts the company at a significant competitive disadvantage. Most other motorcycle importers pay 6% import duty and motorcycle exporters who ship from the EU to the USA only pay 2% duty there.

What new products can we expect for 2022?

It has never been as difficult as it is today to get reliable information about the next model year. There is very little information about the planned Harley-Davidson innovations. In addition, Harley-Davidson often changes its strategy at short notice or suddenly comes out with another one. Originally there was unconfirmed information that Harley-Davidson wanted to announce the 975 Evolution engine at EICMA, which will be installed in the smaller Sportster, which could be somewhere around €13,700, and the Pan America is also knocking with the smaller 975cc Revolution Max motor version on the door.

Harley-Davidson will not be present at EICMA in 2021

Harley-Davidson will not be present at EICMA this year, which throws everything off again. Harley-Davidson was normally represented at EICMA by HD UK before Brexit.

There are rumors about a displacement upgrade for the Milwaukee-Eight engines that should also be revealed at EICMA and now the secret will probably be revealed in a modest press release, if it happens at all. The online presentation of the new 2022 model series is expected in mid-January. However, the most important information for customers will be when delivery of the new models on the European market will begin, assuming that there is an agreement on punitive tariffs otherwise the chaos is perfect

Electra Glide Revival Icon Collection 2021
Electra Glide Revival Icon Collection 2021

A model from the new ICON collection is still expected

Due to all the circumstances, some things can be postponed, but I have to say that the prospects have never been as modest as they are this year. Another model from the Icon collection is still expected, this special model will suddenly be on stage and no one knew anything, they did it very well at the revival. However, it will disappear just as quickly, because the limited models are in absolute demand.

Let's hope that not everything from Harley-Davidson is completely limited in the future. The case would occur if the EU continues to try to force the US company Harley-Davidson out of the European market using unfair methods.

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