Short news Harley-Davidson Sportster 2022
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The new Harley-Davidson Sportster… 2022

Names are always just smoke and mirrors, the new Sportster, which Harley-Davidson will actually only introduce on April 12th, is linked by name to a model that already existed. And as you can see in the photo from Harley-Davidson, a lot of the new model has already been released.

The new Harley-Davidson Sportster ... 2022 1

You can already see a lot of details from the new one, for example the side shock absorbers, which are somewhat reminiscent of the old Sportster models. The lamp mask, prominent mirrors and narrow front wheel create a soft silhouette, unlike the Sportster S.

Harley-Davidson Hamburg North

The footrests are pulled further forward, the ignition coil has a new cover and the cooling hoses run differently, which could perhaps indicate that we are already seeing the smaller 975ccm³ Revolution Max engine here.

A visible oil filter, solo seat and no upside-down fork, it looks sloping in design and a bit more traditional overall. But the most exciting question here is again whether it will appear at Harley-Davidson dealers this season after the official presentation.

Short news Harley-Davidson Sportster 2022
Short news Harley-Davidson Sportster 2022

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