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Powerful power, easy handling, a slim look and classic strength of character have always been among the strengths of the Sportster models. They are appreciated by beginners because they make joining the big Harley-Davidson family easy, and praised by experienced bikers because they offer a high level of riding fun.

An air-cooled Evolution V2 engine with a transmission integrated into the crankcase provides propulsion in every Sportster.

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Depending on the model, it has a displacement of 883 or 1202 cm3. Oil nozzles provide additional cooling for the pistons. Harley-Davidson integrated the engine with a low center of gravity and decoupled from vibrations in the torsion-resistant Sportster double-loop tubular steel frame.

The rear suspension is a sturdy square two-arm swing arm with side-mounted spring struts, while the front wheel is guided by a stiff telescopic fork. An exception is the Roadster with its upside-down telescopic fork.

The Sportster models 1200 Custom – Forty-Eight – 48 Special – Roadster

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Sportster with ABS braking system

The secondary drive on the 150 mm wide rear tires is provided by a high-performance timing belt with carbon fiber technology. The Sportster models are slowed down by an ABS brake system with two perforated disc brakes. The Roadster with three disc brakes is also an exception in this regard.

Depending on the model, the machines in the Sportster series have the traditional 7.9 liter “peanut” tank, the 12.5 liter tank or a large 17 liter tank.
Harley-Davidson designed the handlebar grips to be particularly slim so that even smaller hands can grip them effortlessly .

In addition, emphasis was placed on low clutch manual forces.
Depending on the version, centrally mounted or forward footrests ensure an active or relaxed seating position in the low seat.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Models 2019 – Iron 883 – Iron 1200 – SuperLow – SuperLow 1200T

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All Sportster models feature the Harley-Davidson Security System

All Sportster models have the Harley-Davidson Security System with immobilizer and alarm system. The system deactivates and activates fully automatically and without pressing a button as soon as the driver approaches or leaves motorcycle

In addition, thanks to the Keyless Ignition System, no ignition key is required.
To start the engine, all you need to do is press the starter.

Harley-Davidson offers the following models for the 2019 model year: SuperLow (XL 883L), Iron 883 (XL 883N), Iron 1200 (XL 1200NS), Sportster 1200 Custom (XL 1200C), Forty-Eight (XL 1200X), Forty- Eight Special (XL 1200XS), SuperLow 1200T (XL 1200T) and Roadster (XL 1200CX).

Model maintenance

In 2019, the SuperLow, Iron 883, Forty-Eight and Roadster models feature new, attractive tank graphics.
In addition, new paint colors are used in the series.

Technical data for model year 2019 as a PDF for download

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