Harley-Davidson Sportster S test drives

The Sportster S demonstrators are now available at your Harley-Davidson dealer

The first Sportster S models are now being delivered to authorized Harley-Davidson dealers.

Everything is delayed this year at Harley-Davidson , but better late than never!

the Harley-Davidson Sportster S has Sportster S models are expected to be delivered to the first orderers this year

A few newly registered Harleys would certainly do the Harley-Davidson registration statistics some good, but the year is over anyway and registration next year is more advantageous for the customer. The Pan America is also available for test drives at authorized dealers.

The Sportster S demonstrators are now at your Harley-Davidson dealer 1
Harley Davidson Pan America

Revolution Max means pure performance!

The new Revolution Max engine appeals to a whole new clientele; previously we only knew so much Harley power in the tuned models. The Revolution Max can't come close to a pumped-up 131cui Milwaukee-Eight The Pan America in particular sets off all the fireworks on demand, which is really fun!

Opinions on the Sportster S are somewhat divided; Harley-Davidson had to react here because of the Euro 5 standard, which is why the original Sportster series disappeared from the European market. That's just a fact and politically controlled, it's more about whether the future Sportster model series based on the Revolution Max engine really belongs on the track of the old Sportster generation, or whether it would have been better to give it its own track and be able to change it We don't care about it anyway, but it can be discussed.

The design and character of the Revolution Motor is somewhat inappropriate in relation to the old generation. You can't derive anything here, the engine is tuned for torque and, in contrast to the Pan America with its 152 HP, reduced to “only” a sporty 122 HP, but there is not really a connection.

It's all very sporty and what do they do when the naked bike actually comes to the Bronx, it doesn't really fit together. It would probably have been better to simply close the Sportster chapter and open a new one.

The next Sportster models are closer to the old design, with modern technology

The 975 Revolution Max engine is expected soon and a new Sportster, which will be equipped with traditional struts and will have a little more old school appeal.

The Sportster S is still a cool bike that will appeal to a whole new group of buyers. It's hard to understand why the fittings don't have the same workmanship as the Pan America and the cables on the handlebars can be laid more nicely. They are small things, but it is precisely the switches on the handlebars that show us the difference to the conventional Harley-Davidson operating concept.

Just a turn signal switch and it starts. We also find the system at the Pan America. You should definitely take a test drive on both models. The Pan America impressed me, but the Sportster S isn't really my thing. I would be interested to hear your impressions from your test drive. Feel free to leave them in a comment.

The design surrounding the Revolution Max Motor is limitless

The possibilities around the new Revolution Max engine are endless, everything new is created around the engine, which will always be the heart that supports everything. The performance development of both models is enormous; you have to experience it once.

Book a free test drive with the dealer!

Most Harley-Davidson dealers in Germany and Austria should now have a Sportster S and the Pan America as demonstrators. The best thing to do is to call the dealer in advance and reserve your test drive, or try your luck spontaneously. Due to the location, you must bring appropriate clothing with you everywhere.

Harley-Davidson authorized dealer, where according to Harleysite information, Sportster S and Pan America demonstrators are definitely available.

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