2019HD16 Harley Davidson test drive promotions

Make up your mind

Harley-Davidson is offering customers numerous test drive events and re-entry courses in 2019

  • Test rides at the Road Experience and at Harley on Tour
  • Three-hour grand touring adventure rides on touring machines
  • “Back to Biking” courses for those returning to the motorcycle hobby

(Neu-Isenburg, April 18, 2019) Blonde or brown, beer or wine, mountains or sea? Life always demands that we make difficult decisions. Good for those who had the chance to test and try it out beforehand. This applies no less to the two-wheel hobby. The pressing question here is: Which one is right for me? This can only be clarified with an extensive test drive. Harley-Davidson is offering customers the opportunity to put the current models through their paces in 2019 as part of several demo ride campaigns. In addition, these events also offer the perfect opportunity to clarify questions about your dream bike and get comprehensive advice.

Visitors to the new Road Experience and guests of Harley on Tour can test drive a brand new Harley-Davidson free of charge and without obligation. For this purpose, the deep black Harley-Davidson trucks, fully loaded with machines from Milwaukee , will once again be rolling across the country in 2019. During the Road Experience you stop at events and attractive meeting points.

At Harley on Tour you can meet them at the authorized Harley-Davidson dealers, where more than 20 bikes are available for a ride - at some events there are even entry-level models with 48 hp. Just don't forget your driver's license Helmets, jackets and gloves are available on site if required; unsuitable clothing such as shorts and flip-flops is of course taboo.

The Grand Touring adventure trips are aimed at all fans of the particularly travel-friendly machines in the US brand's portfolio. These exclusive, three-hour tours are carried out in small groups of a maximum of eight people at a price of 59 euros. They familiarize bikers with all the features of the motorcycles and awaken their wanderlust. There are definitely no questions left unanswered here!

A “Back to Biking” beginners course is available for all driving license holders who want to get back on the saddle after a long period of abstinence from motorcycles. In no time, dull thoughts like “Can I even do that anymore?” are swept away, confidence in your own driving skills that you thought you had lost returns and the joy of rediscovering your hobby warms your soul.

The courses, held in a small group of a maximum of ten participants and under the leadership of experienced instructors, last around four hours and cost 45 euros. Jackets, gloves and helmets are also provided for these events if required.

As befits Harley-Davidson, all of these offerings are neither bone-dry nor dead serious, but rather the focus is on fun. If you want to find out more and are looking for dates and locations, you can find information on the website https://www.livetoride.de.

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