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With the donation of a Night Rod Special, Harley-Davidson is supporting the “Blue Stains for Social Purposes” campaign

·      competes Luan Krasniqi in the charity boxing match

·      Proceeds benefit the “ Hück Learning Foundation” and SOS Children’s Villages

·      by Harley-Davidson will be raffled off to benefit a good cause

Uwe Hück , known as the eloquent chairman of the group works council and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Porsche AG , is a man of action - even when it comes to commitment to children and young people. So he set up a foundation that gives socially disadvantaged kids opportunities for education.

In order to collect donations for this, the two-time European champion in Thai boxing is now getting back into the ring. charity boxing match in the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg under the motto “Bruises for social purposes” . 50 percent of the evening's proceeds and donations will benefit his “Hück Learning Foundation” . The other 50 percent goes to SOS Children's Villages , because this is a matter close to the heart of Hück's opponent.

This is none other than Luan Krasniqi . The European heavyweight champion, Olympic bronze winner and TV boxing expert was spontaneously enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a fight for a good cause.

Like Hück, he fought his way out of humble circumstances with iron will and a firm belief in his own abilities. And like Hück, he has never forgotten his origins: both of them find it hard to see weaker people suffering.


In addition to the city of Ludwigsburg, numerous sponsors are taking part in the campaign, including Harley-Davidson : The German branch of the Motor Company is donating a Night Rod Special , which is being raffled off in favor of “Blue Spots for Social Purposes” .

The bike has a new value of 17,600 euros and develops 122 hp and 111 Newton meters from 1247 cubic centimeters. “A lot of pressure for a good idea,” says Marketing Director Frank Klumpp , who handed the bike over to Hück and Krasniqi, “and Porsche significantly involved in the development of the Revolution engine - so what other machine would be better suited, “Blu spots for To support social causes

A number of artists, actors and celebrities from business, politics and the media world will be there when the starting bell rings in the MHP Arena on November 16th, and a top German band will appear as a surprise guest. Of course, everyone involved waives the fee. 3,900 visitors can expect some exclusive music, shows and entertainment at moderate ticket prices. Entrance tickets, further information and information about the Harley raffle are available at www.Charityboxen.de.

Text: Copyright Harley-Davidson GmbH 2013

Photo credit: Werner Kuhnle

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