Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 2020 driving report

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 2020 driving report

The Harley-Davidson Tourer with the legendary Batwing fairing combines tradition with modern technology in the 2020 model year.

Even if someone without any great motorcycle ambitions is standing in front of the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited , it usually only takes one try to guess that a Harley-Davidson is standing in front of them.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 2020
Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 2020

The Batwing fairing, designed by Willie G. in 1969, is timeless and definitely a trademark of the company. It has been modified a little over the years, even the wind tunnel (Splitstream Vent), which has been tried and tested since 2014, could not take away its recognition. In 2020, Harley-Davidson more on technical safety features that do their work in secret.

The seating position is the difference between the Road Glide Limited and the Ultra Limited

2020 Ultra Limited & Road Glide Limited
2020 Ultra Limited & Road Glide Limited

I last drove the Road Glide Limited 2020 , the question always arises as to which one is better. There's no way to answer the question because they both drive great. You really notice the difference when you switch from one to the other. It is the seating position that makes them so different, in addition to the design.

While you sit a little more reclined Road Glide Limited Ultra Limited the driver to have an upright sitting position; you sit much closer to the command center than on the elongated Road Glide upper-class tourer.

Cockpit Road Glide Limited & Ultra Limited 2020
Cockpit Road Glide Limited & Ultra Limited 2020

RDRS is the name of the new Harley-Davidson technology package

In the 2020 model year, the Touring models were equipped with a tire air pressure monitoring system and the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS). This technology package of assistance systems adapts the acceleration and deceleration forces to the available tire grip both when driving straight ahead and when cornering. The assistance systems are controlled electronically and are based on the most modern chassis, braking and drive control technology.

In rain, gravel or sand on the road, traction control is your bodyguard

They prove to be very helpful in difficult road conditions and in dangerous situations. The traction control in particular is a real safety gain in difficult road conditions.

I tested the driving characteristics on a road with gravel in standard mode. At times it spins briefly, but it really gives a very good feeling of safety. We must not forget that the engine provides 163 Nm of torque, they want to work forward.

The traction control ensures safe driving behavior on gravel.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited 2020 driving report 1

In any case, this technology works very well, it's very reassuring to have it on board, especially when you're traveling with it on unknown routes, because that's what the tourer was built for. The big tours are her discipline, like I did with my friend Hermann in September. At first we didn't want to drive at all and then suddenly our fingers itched. We left everything behind and the next morning the road was ours. You can the report from our tour to Lake Faak here .

The suitcases offer plenty of storage space

And with stories like this, the generous amount of space comes into play; I was particularly impressed by the large suitcase. I always get way too much, but as we all know, “having is better than needing” !

Most of the time I travel without a passenger, but the trend is increasingly towards having my partner go with me. More and more often on your own Harley.

Executive chair for the CoPilot

The Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited offers a lot for the passenger. An extremely large armchair and footboards for the feet, which is often underestimated, but makes riding very comfortable for the passenger, especially on long tours.

Ultra Limited 2020 passenger seat and running board
Ultra Limited 2020 passenger seat and running board

The heated seat can be ordered through the Harley-Davidson accessories range. This heats the driver and also the front passenger, adjustable in two levels. Especially when the weather is bad on a long tour, you can appreciate this luxury. I once missed the seat heating on a tour in Norway when it got significantly wetter and colder at the polar border. That's another thing - anyone who drives a lot and has already enjoyed the comfort of heated seats will order them again and again.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited passenger running board
Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited passenger running board

The communication technology

Harley-Davidson calls it an infotainment system and unfortunately the Harley-Davidson website doesn't really show how extensive this system really is. The statistics show that it is mainly older people who have both feet in life who are on the big tourers. The majority of them will have to spend a little more time studying the instructions to first check what the infotainment system can do.

Boom! Box infotainment system from Harley-Davidson with Apple Carplay
Boom! Box infotainment system from Harley-Davidson with Apple Carplay

Apple Carplay, head set and the Whim module

Into the Boom! Box GTS has introduced Apple Carplay. Apple Car Play is activated via an additional Whim module, you should order this directly when ordering, it could be a must-have, especially for younger people, if you want to sell it to them again.

Apple Carplay links the Carplay apps from the iPhone with the Boom! Box, a separate menu opens and you can open your music, maps, WhatsApp or other applications that are activated by Apple for Apple Carplay. The Calimoto , for example, is software for motorcyclists that is used to record the tour you have ridden, or you can follow recommended tours from other bikers in the community. At the time of my test, the software had not yet been activated, but Calimoto informed me that it should be ready soon.

Harley-Davidson with Apple Carplay
Apple Carplay

It's just an example, streaming services like Deezer can also use the Boom! podcast while driving . Basically, the Boom! Box GTS also does a lot of things without Apple Carplay if you only connect the iPhone via USB and Lightning, but the connectivity in combination with the iPhone is great.

I was able to identify one disadvantage in my test: Apple specifies that Apple Carplay only works in combination with the headset. If this is not activated, Carplay will not start. In addition, the engine must be running before you connect the cell phone so that Apple Carplay connects to the iPhone. It depends on the respective software version, there are versions where a running engine was not necessary, but usually it is not possible.

Current firmware software for the Boom! Box is available for download

You can find the latest software for the respective Boom! Harley-Davidson using the following link the box yourself and install it according to the instructions, or you can go to your authorized dealer. It is recommended to always be up to date.

Boom! Box GTS navigation software update for download

Harley-Davidson recommends updating the Map's road maps annually; this is easily possible. At the following link, Harley-Davidson provides a software tool for Windows and Mac PCs with which the current map can be downloaded.

Riding the Ultra Limited in fog
In the evening the fog on the North Sea surprised us

For the extreme tourers among us, it is particularly interesting that you can swap out the navigation map software if you want to change continents and of course it is possible to restore the original map when you get home. If you have some technical sense, Harley-Davidson offers the opportunity to do it yourself.

Link to the Harley-Davidson navigation map software website

The Bluetooth helmet head set combination is optimal

As standard, the tourers are designed for the conventional headset version with the cable; the driver and passenger have the option of connecting to the vehicle via a plug. This makes it possible for the driver and passenger to establish communication via a headset, or listen to music or make phone calls. The advantage of the wired system is that you don't have to remember to charge any batteries and the voice connection is first-class.

Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited plug for the headset
Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited socket for the headset

Now the question comes, who needs this? Actually, it's enough to own a Harley and let the wind blow around your nose. Enjoy nature and comfortably get closer to your goal. An important argument, however, is the navigation and yes, I occasionally listen to music on long journeys, especially on the motorway. You get a call from home asking if everything is okay on the tour. It's all easy, no additional devices that need to be charged and overall it's a very good and usable facility.

It is simply much more pleasant to have a gentle voice in your ear guiding you through a foreign city when you want to reach your destination for the day somewhere in the world.

Voice control is a contemporary feature

You also need a headset to use voice control. Anyone who knows Siri or Alexa will be surprised at how well it works.

Harley-Davidson's on-board voice control has its own vocabulary to be addressed. It still works very well if you have the commands. And who is surprised, especially when Apple Carplay is activated, Siri takes the commands from the captain as usual.

The Audio N02 Full-Face Bluetooth Helmet from Harley-Davidson

I myself have two of the Audio N02 full-face helmets, which are available in different color versions. You can find a report on the Bluetooth helmets from Harley-Davidson under the link on the Harley site.

The helmet costs around €620, which doesn't sound cheap at first, but now go ahead and buy a headset and things will look different again. The Harley helmet is made of one system and has stereo sound. A very important aspect is that the headset is permanently installed, there are no cables hanging around and you can't see anything except the buttons, and it's easy to use.

Helmet boom! Audio N02 Full Face - 98208-20EX
Helmet boom! Audio N02 Full Face – 98208-20EX

Only the visor on my helmet closes too easily, I haven't figured out where to adjust it yet. I had the feeling that it was small because I bought it a size larger than my Harley jet helmet that I usually wear when traveling.

I always take it with me on big tours. If it's really hot and I'm planning a trip somewhere where I want the full feeling, I go with the half shell. You have the suitcase, you don't need to think too much about it.

It's easy to explain why I own two of these helmets. I often take my daughter with me when we go for our rides in the evening. She connects her helmet to her cell phone and listens to her own music, and since both helmets are connected via Bluetooth, we can also chat.

The Whim module provides an additional menu item in the settings

As mentioned above, in order to connect the Ultra Limited to the helmet set, you need the Bluetooth Whim module, which creates the Bom! Box an additional setting option to configure both helmets. The helmets are registered in the Harley system via the menu and you have access to all the various setting options.

The battery power of the integrated headset

To this day I have not regretted the decision, especially for long distances, it is simply more pleasant and safer with a full face helmet. The battery lasts me at least 6 hours in operation, after which I have 25% battery power, but I haven't drained it in a day.

Just don't forget to charge it again. If you want to use a battery pack, that's no problem, but the headset switches off during the charging process, at least that was the case for me. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't change again at some point, that's up to the software, which could make the world look different again through an update.

The nose spoiler in the helmet, small spoiler has a big impact

Apart from the easily adjustable visor, I am very satisfied with the helmet; it has an inner anti-fog film for the visor that can be inserted. Good and noticeable ventilation, which is controlled via two sliders.

Helmet boom! Audio N02 Full Face - 98208-20EX
Spoiler on the helmet boom! Audio N02 Full Face

The helmet has a small spoiler in front of the nose, which is ingenious, but also a reason why you should always try the helmet on before buying so that it fits correctly. The inner lining is easily removable and washable. The visor is also quickly replaced with a tinted one.

Harley-Davidson Bluetooth Helmet Boom! Audio N02 Full Face - 98208-20EX
Harley-Davidson Bluetooth Helmet Boom! Audio N02 Full Face – 98208-20EX

If you look at everything together now, you will inevitably see that a 2020 Harley-Davidson is absolutely state-of-the-art. The company has made tremendous improvements in the area of ​​safety features and infotainment systems. I didn't expect that it would work so well overall. I even liked the hill start assistant, which I've used everywhere, but I've never missed it before.

First-class touring properties

Anyone who rides a Harley-Davidson from the large touring class for the first time will first have respect for the stated 416 kg riding weight. But as soon as the boots have found their place on the running boards, you will be amazed at how easy it is to drive.

The most important thing is to drive, drive and drive again!

I can only recommend to anyone who is a little unsure that you have to put kilometers on it so that you can find the situations where you have to be careful and develop a feeling for handling. I can say from my experience that it's always the simplest stupid situations, smeared floors at the gas station, or being hit too hard when maneuvering. If it were to tip over in such a case, it is pretty well protected by the standard crash bars.

You can take them through the curves in a sporty way, they can do that well. The high-torque 114 cui engine has enough reserves to pull powerfully out of corners. At 100 km/h the engine turns at around 2000 rpm in sixth gear, which is a totally relaxed cruise. It gets out of this speed range well, especially at the bottom it has more power than the more agile 107 engine. If you want to move quickly, you quickly shift down a gear.

during loading from the car train on the island of Sylt
Waiting for the car train from the island of Sylt

I traveled around 10,000 kilometers with the Ultra Limited in the summer, which is how the photos in the gallery came about, which I took myself as usual. The island of Sylt, Großglockner High Alpine Road, Faaker See and Fehmarn were some of my destinations.

The LED Daymaker of the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited
The LED Daymaker of the Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

The light of the Ultra Limited

The Limited Ultra has a Daymaker LED headlight and two LED additional fog lights installed. During my journeys, I switched on the fog lights when visibility was poor. I found that the light output was very high and glare-free, otherwise oncoming traffic would have flashed their headlights.

When I drove from the island of Sylt late in the evening, I was of course completely in the fog, yes and what can I say, I was grateful not only to have heated grips, but also to have the powerful fog lights, otherwise I would have The North Sea soup had a bad hand. The LED Daymaker has a special lighting concept; there is no usual light cone to be seen, but rather a thick light bar supported by two ellipses. It takes some getting used to, but it works.

Batwing - Small wing and big impact
Batwing – Small wing and big impact

The innovations in the 2020 model

Harley-Davidson has equipped the 2020 Ultra Limited model series with numerous new features. At the forefront is the new RDRS (Reflex Defensive Rider Systems),

This technology package of assistance systems adapts the acceleration and deceleration forces to the available tire grip both when driving straight ahead and when cornering.

The assistance systems are controlled electronically and are based on the most modern chassis, braking and drive control technology. They prove to be helpful in difficult road conditions and in dangerous situations.

The ABS and the electronic brake force distribution were already standard in the touring models, but thanks to the new RDRS system, the cornering anti-lock braking system (C-ABS), the cornering-optimized electronic brake force distribution (C-ELB), the traction control (TCS) are now also available. , cornering traction control (C-TCS), traction control system (DSCS), vehicle hold assistant (VHC) and tire air pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on board.

Harley Davidson cockpit
Harley Davidson cockpit

From model year 2020, the new infotainment system Boom! Box GTS installed in the Ultra Limited with a 16.5 cm color touchscreen. There is also a high-quality audio component, Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, navigation system, intercom and control joysticks on the handlebar controls for information and entertainment on board.

Connection for a Harley-Davidson battery charger. A 22.7 liter fuel tank and a reinforced alternator, which is particularly noticeable with additional electronic devices and the heated grips and seats.

for the Ultra Limited in 2020 The numerous dark surfaces ensure a stylish and subtle look. Based on the “Chrome Option” and the “Black Option”, the customer can choose between six different paint colors or color combinations. What's also new is that the Ultra Limited is now equipped with larger 18-inch wheels at the front and rear.

Prices and further information on the Harley-Davidson

The conclusion

The price in Vivid Black starts at €29,825 plus delivery costs and a set-up fee of €546. It is therefore not much more expensive than the sportier-looking special models.

It offers a lot more, but is a few kilos heavier. The more you travel with it, the sooner the kilos feel like it disappears, it's really fun and a real tourer. Great light and lots of storage space. Ideal for traveling with your partner and absolutely up to date when it comes to technology.

The engine is powerful and very economical, an ideal motorway travel speed is around 120km/h to 140km/h, so I drove over 800 kilometers in one day without any problems and without breaking the tires. Even inexperienced riders will be able to drive long distances on the Ultra Limited.

An ideal companion to enjoy nature and freedom. The new features make driving even safer and are a real benefit.

Technical data Ultra Limited Type FL3 model (FLHTK) 2020

Manufacturer information

  • V2 Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, with 1868 cm3
  • air-cooled V-twin and liquid-cooled exhaust area
  • Power 66 kW (90 HP) at 5020 rpm
  • Torque at 3000 rpm of 164 Nm
  • Hydraulically assisted clutch
  • Cruise Drive six-speed transmission
  • Two spring struts at the rear that can be adjusted hydraulically using a rotary control
  • Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) anti-lock braking system, cornering anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution, cornering-optimized electronic brake force distribution, traction control, cornering traction control, traction control and vehicle hold assistant.
  • Tire air pressure monitoring system
  • Tour-Pak (top case) with 12-volt socket, integrated backrest.
  • Luggage volume totaling 132 l
  • Cruise Control cruise control system
  • Boom! Box GTS infotainment system
  • Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, navigation system, intercom, audio section with 25 watts per channel, front and rear speakers.
  • Self-activating immobilizer
  • Suspension travel: Front 117mm – Rear 76mm
  • Rim size: Front T18 x 3.5 7-twin-spoke cast light alloy wheel, black or partially polished. Rear T18x5 7-twin-spoke cast light alloy wheel, black or partially polished.
  • Standard tires: Front Dunlop Harley-Davidson D408 F 130/70 B18 63H Rear: D407 T 180/55 B18 80H
  • Tire pressure: front: 2.5 bar, rear: 2.8 bar
  • Dimensions and weights: empty weight incl. Materials: 416 kg – Permitted total weight: 617 kg Payload: 201 kg Tank capacity (reserve): 22.7 l (3.8 l) Seat height, without driver: 740 mm Wheelbase 1625 mm
  • Colors: “Chrome Option”: Vivid Black, Midnight Blue; River Rock Gray & Vivid Black, Silver Pine & Spruce, Stiletto Red, Tahitian Teal “Black Option”: Vivid Black, River Rock Gray; Barracuda Silver Denim & Black Denim , Billiard Red & Vivid Black, Scorched Orange & Silver Flux, Zephyr Blue & Black Sunglo

Engine: Twin Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114

Air and liquid-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 45-degree V-twin, transverse crankshaft, a gear-driven balance shaft, an underlying camshaft driven by a toothed chain, four valves per cylinder operated via forked rocker arms (ohv), liquid-cooled outlet area, hydraulic tappet, dry sump lubrication, Fuel injection, intake manifold Ø 55 mm, Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), contactless transistor ignition, electric starter, 48 A three-phase alternator with 600 W at 2000 rpm and max. 625 W, maintenance-free battery 12 V/28 Ah , regulated catalyst

Service data:

Guarantee:four years with no mileage limit
Initial inspection:after 1600 km
Service intervals:Once a year or every 8000 km
Engine oil change:every 8000 km
with filter:every 8000 km
Engine oil:Harley Davidson HD 360
Capacity:Oil tank with filter: 4.7 l
Coolant filling quantity:1.04L
Spark plugs:6R10
Air filter:Fiberglass filter element
Idle speed:
850 rpm
Fuel:Super unleaded
Technical data according to manufacturer information / 01-2021

Ultra Limited Photo Gallery

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