Harley-Davidson Softail models 2018


The most extensive Harley-Davidson product development project to date culminates in the anniversary year of 2018 with the presentation of the new models Fat Boy®, Heritage Classic, Low Rider®, Softail Slim®, Deluxe, Breakout®, Fat Bob® and Street Bob®.

• Eight new Softail® bikes for 2018
• All new models feature a new frame and swingarm that are stiffer and lighter than previous models.
New, high-quality chassis components are used at the front and rear • The Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 provides propulsion in all models. Several types are optionally available with the
Milwaukee-Eight 114 • Authentic and contemporary Harley-Davidson styling on all models

2017HD25 2018 Model Year SoftailJust in time for its 115th company anniversary, Harley-Davidson is presenting eight completely new Softail models that form a successful synthesis of the performance of the previous Dyna models and the classic look of the Softail series.

The new model family was designed as part of the longest product development program in Harley-Davidson history. The new machines have a stiffer and significantly lighter frame in which the high-torque Milwaukee-Eight 107 or Milwaukee-Eight 114 engines with two balancer shafts are embedded.

With their powerful "Dual Bending Valve" fork and the concealed and easily adjustable shock absorber, the attractively styled 2018 Softail models are faster, lighter and more manageable than all their predecessors.

Paul James, Manager of Product Portfolio, Harley-Davidson Motor Company , explains: “Thousands of hours have been invested in development and testing to reinvent our choppers and cruisers from the ground up.2017HD25 model year 2018 Touring We wanted to take the entire driving experience to a higher level. In order to give the rider a truly unique feeling, it was important to combine the classic spirit of Harley-Davidson with the best technology our era offers.”

In order to do justice to the history and authenticity of the brand, the eight 2018 Softails interpret the respective model DNA in a very individual, at the same time always recognizable and yet refreshingly different and modern way. They offer more style, comfort and performance than ever and are also ideal for customization with original Harley-Davidson accessories.

Brad Richards, Vice President of Styling and Design, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, added: “The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes from the attention to detail our designers pay from the beginning of the development process. This is anything but an easy task. We pay attention to every finish and every little detail. For example, the new Softail frame reminds me of a small work of art. The more you expose it, the more beautiful it becomes. Its design was created through the good teamwork that characterizes our entire styling and development process.”



The new, lighter and stiffer frame provides significantly improved handling for the 2018 Softail models. Since it retains the classic look of a motorcycle with no suspension on the rear wheel and still offers modern chassis comfort at the highest level, it combines form and function in an almost ideal way. The advantages that the new chassis brings with it include more precise steering behavior, more agile handling and a lower vehicle weight, which contributes to better acceleration. The lean angle has been increased on numerous models and it is now easier for the driver to lift the machine from the side stand into the vertical position.

The newly designed frame was able to be designed to be around 65 percent more torsionally rigid than its predecessor from the 2017 model year - not least thanks to the increased carbon content in the steel. In combination with the redesigned swing arm, it contributes to the entire chassis being around 34 percent stiffer than that of the previous types. It also scores points with its reduced complexity, namely a 50 percent reduction in its components and around 22 percent fewer weld seams.

Harley-Davidson combines the frame with two different swing arms: one for narrower rear tires (Narrow) and one for wider rear tires (Wide). The “Wide” chassis is 5.89 kg (15 percent) lighter and the “Narrow” chassis weighs 8.16 kg (20 percent) less than the chassis of the previous models. The swing arm is supported towards the frame by a central spring strut. It is hidden from the viewer's eye under the seat, so that the classic lines of a rigid frame are retained.

The fork is also new. It features the “Dual Bending Valve” technology, which Harley-Davidson first used on touring models in 2017. It improves the damping behavior over the entire compression and rebound interval. The design is just as powerful as a conventional cartridge fork, but is lighter. With a suspension travel of 130 mm, it offers an ideal synthesis of comfort and dynamic qualities. A modified steering head angle and caster also contribute to the optimized handling of the new Softail models.

Thanks to the new chassis geometry, the driver always has perfect control of the machine. In combination with the fork, the new central spring strut absorbs all bumps in the road to keep the bike as quiet and stable. Its spring base can be easily adjusted. A maximum payload of up to 217 kg guarantees sufficient capacity for the pillion passenger and luggage in all driving situations, while at the same time ensuring a high level of comfort and easy handling.

Depending on the model, the new Softail models are up to 17 kg lighter than their respective predecessors. The optimized power-to-weight ratio is reflected in more powerful acceleration, better braking behavior and more dynamic driving behavior in curves - especially since the lean angle freedom has been increased in almost all models. Select models have been equipped with new tires optimized specifically for use in the new Softail chassis. The seats on the Softail models are also made from new materials and have been redesigned so that a Softail now fits an even wider range of body sizes.



In the 2018 model year, the Softail types are powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 107 or the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine - the most powerful engines that have been used in a Harley-Davidson chopper or cruiser to date. As a V2 with a powerful cylinder angle of 45 degrees and a slim crankcase as well as an underneath camshaft, the Milwaukee-Eight retains the classic design of Harley-Davidson engines despite its numerous modern features.

The V2 is rigidly connected to the Softail frame. The mounting points have been redefined in order to integrate the engine into the frame as compactly as possible and to increase chassis rigidity. Thanks to its balancer shafts, engine vibrations are reduced to the level that Harley-Davidson riders appreciate. Since the engine has been dampened on the intake side and runs extremely quietly mechanically, its typical Harley-Davidson sound comes into its own even better.

There are two displacement variants to choose from:

Milwaukee-Eight 107 (1,745 cm3 or 107 cui)
Available as standard in all models.

• Bore: 100 mm;
Stroke: 111.1mm; Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 • 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) acceleration approximately 10% faster than the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine
• Approximately 16 times faster than the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine % better pulling power between 60 and 80 mph (97 and 129 km/h) in fifth gear

Milwaukee-Eight 114 (1,868 cm3 or 114 cui)
Available in selected models upon request.

• Optionally available as Fat Bob 114, Fat Boy 114, Breakout 114 and Heritage Classic 114
• Bore: 102 mm;
Stroke: 114.3mm; Compression Ratio: 10.5:1 • Fan air cleaner with “114” graphics and badges
• Approximately 9% faster 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) acceleration than the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine
• An im Compared to the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, around 13% better torque between 60 and 80 mph (97 and 129 km/h) in fifth gear



Fat Boy
As the ancestor of all cruisers, the Fat Boy has defined the custom styling of this segment for decades. In the 2018 version it surpasses itself. Its elaborate satin chrome finish and the powerful engine form a new, powerful and athletic styling statement and its handling is more manageable than ever.

• Confident design with a massive front end
• Modern interpretation of the classic Harley-Davidson headlight fairing
• Redesigned Lakester light alloy disc wheel, fitted with a 160, the widest front tire on a standard Harley-Davidson
• Weight reduced by 16 kg compared to the previous model
• ABS braking system
• Redesigned Lakester light alloy disc wheel at the rear, fitted with a 240 mm wide tire
• Optionally available with Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine

Heritage Classic
The reinterpretation of the heritage design borrows from classic, black Harley-Davidson models from the 1950s and combines this look with modern standards.

• New, removable windshield
• New, lockable and waterproof hard-shell cases in the look of saddlebags
• Increased payload
• Weight reduced by 17 kg compared to the previous model
• Optionally available with Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine
• Standard with cruise control and ABS braking system

Low Rider
Inspired by the custom chopper era of the 1970s, when the original Low Rider first hit the asphalt, the 2018 model is lighter, more dynamic, more manageable and more corner-hungry than ever.

• Speedometer and tachometer in the tank console, the headlight holder and the graphics correspond to the classic Low Rider design
• “Radiate” cast light alloy spoke wheels in 19 inches (front) and 16 inches (rear)
• Stylishly designed shotgun exhaust

Softail Slim
A chopped rear end, a slim front fender, a solo seat and little chrome - reduced to what counts, the Slim is a homage to the fascinating bobbers of the post-war period.

• Wire spoke wheels, Hollywood handlebars and new front end design with a dark finish
• Flat solo seat in “tuck and roll” style
• Weight reduced by 17 kg compared to the previous model

An eye-catcher with lavish chrome plating in the style of historical Harley-Davidson dressers, which at the same time offers an extremely modern and extremely active driving experience.

• Headlights and additional headlights, Tombstone taillight and the new indicator strips in LED technology
• Pullback handlebars
• Weight reduced by 17 kg compared to the previous model
• ABS braking system

The Breakout is characterized by its long, stylish and powerful dragster look. In the 2018 model year it scores with greater lean angle freedom and more agility than ever.

• New 13.2 liter tank, kept clean in the upper area
• Flat silhouette with stretched 49 mm fork
• Glossy black powder-coated Gasser cast light alloy spoke wheels
• 18-inch rear wheel with a 240, 21-inch front wheel with a 130 tire tires
• Daymaker LED headlight
• New riser-mounted digital speedometer
• Weight reduced by 15 kg compared to the previous model
• ABS braking system
• Optionally available with Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine

Fat Bob
Powerful acceleration, a chassis that easily copes with bumps in the road, extremely agile cornering behavior and a self-confident look with numerous black components - the 2018 Fat Bob is better than ever.

• Performance exhaust with raised mufflers in custom finish
• 150 mm front tire and 180 mm rear tire
• Two front disc brakes
• New 13.2 liter tank
• Weight reduced by 15 kg compared to the previous model
• 43 mm -Upside-down fork
• Optionally available with Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob with Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine

Street Bob
A machine in which everything that is unnecessary for enjoyable motorcycling has been deliberately avoided. Not a gram of fat was used too much here.

• New 13.2 liter tank, kept clean in the upper area
• Black wire spoke wheels under chopped fenders
• New digital speedometer mounted on the riser
• Weight reduced by 7 kg compared to the previous model
• Attractive pricing



• New Daymaker Signature LED headlights on all models
• High alternator output
• Easily adjustable spring base of the central shock absorber
• Adjustable with hook wrench under the seat on Softail Slim, Street Bob and Low Rider
• Hydraulic with external, hand-adjustable rotary control on Fat Bob, Fat Boy and Breakout
• Hydraulic, with adjustment screw located under the seat on Deluxe and Heritage Classic
• Keyless Ignition keyless entry system
• USB port mounted on the steering head for charging mobile devices

Further information can be found at www.Harley-Davidson.com.

Data and facts at a glance:

Fat Boy, Heritage Classic, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Deluxe, Breakout, Fat Bob and Street Bob

• Displacement: 1,745 cm3 for the Milwaukee-Eight 107, 1,868 cm3 for the Milwaukee-Eight 114*
• Power: 64 kW (87 hp) at 5,020 rpm (ME 107);
69 kW (94 HP) at 5,020 rpm (ME 114*) • Max. torque: 145 Nm at 3,000-3,500 rpm (ME 107); 155 Nm at 3,000-3,500 rpm (ME 114*)

Recommended retail prices in Germany including 4-year guarantee, plus transport and assembly fee:
Street Bob: from 14,495 euros
Low Rider: from 16,299 euros
Fat Bob: from 17,895 euros
Softail Slim: from 19,695 euros
Deluxe: from 20,995 euros
Breakout: from 21,595 euros
Fat Boy: from 21,695 euros
Heritage Classic: from 22,595 euros

Recommended retail prices in Austria including 4-year guarantee, including transport and assembly fee:
Street Bob: from 17,495 euros
Low Rider: from 19,645 euros
Fat Bob: from 21,095 euros
Softail Slim: from 23,595 euros
Deluxe: from 25,395 euros
Breakout: from 25,895 euros
Fat Boy: from 25,995 euros
Heritage Classic: from 26,995 euros

Expected availability in Germany and Austria: end of September 2017

* Milwaukee-Eight 114 available from Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout and Heritage Classic.

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