Harley-Davidson welcomes Nils Buntrock as its new marketing manager

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Harley-Davidson welcomes Nils Buntrock as its new marketing manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • Buntrock is a motorcycle fan, automotive manager and e-mobility specialist
  • Enthusiasm of new and classic customer groups is on his agenda
  • The focus is on expanding the Harley community and dealers

(Neu-Isenburg, February 11, 2021) He is an enthusiastic motorcyclist, in his last job he dealt with the topics of renewable energies and e-mobility and before that he worked for brands such as Audi and Bugatti. Nils Buntrock is the right person when it comes to fast transportation, hot high-voltage technology, powerful engines and brands with emotions. He now works for Harley-Davidson and is responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as marketing manager.

“It is of course a very special opportunity for a marketing person to make a contribution to leading such an iconic brand into a new era,” explains Buntrock. “We want to inspire new customer groups with new technologies and products without losing sight of our classic products and target groups as well as our valuable, special history.”

The 43-year-old manager holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. The Harley community and the more than 90 German, Austrian and Swiss Harley-Davidson dealers are particularly close to his heart, especially since he knows life as an independent entrepreneur from his own experience.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a chopper, cruiser or touring biker, an adventure tourer rider or an e-mobility fan – motorcycling connects us all. I look forward to the Harley family having even more members in the future,” adds Buntrock. Based on the experience he has gained with e-mobility, he is particularly pleased that Harley-Davidson will expand its e-portfolio in the future. If you want to find out more about the brand and its products, check out the Internet at www.Harley-Davidson.com .

PODCAST – Nils Buntrock becomes the new Harley-Davidson Marketing Manager

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