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Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems is named Dealer of the Year

  • 134 candidates applied for the title in 2019
  • Enthusiasm for the brand and product as a success factor

(Neu-Isenburg, July 26, 2019) Who is the best in the whole country? The German motorcycle specialist magazine “World of Bike” answers this question year after year in the big contest for the coveted title “Dealer of the Year”. In 2019, 134 candidates stood for election.

Not an easy job for the jury, which meticulously examined each company. Appearance, advice, product and brand presence, service quality and service expertise played the decisive role in their decision.

134 candidates applied in 2019

, Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems and Börjes American Bikes in Augustfehn took first place among the excellence companies . “The thoughts that the North German Harley dealer puts into matters of processes and operational procedures go far beyond the behavior of a typical medium-sized company,” praises editor Stephan Krückel from “World of Bike”. “The service level has long since reached Champions League levels.”

Harley Davidson Weser Ems (Image credit: World of Bike)


Harley Davidson Weser Ems (Image credit: World of Bike )

In fact, the brothers Dieter and Klaus Börjes know how to make customers happy with above-average service. In 2003 they took over the Wilhemshaven Harley-Davidson agency and a year later moved with everything to Augustfehn in the Ammerland district of Lower Saxony, where a former ironworks site has served as their befitting company headquarters ever since.

Here, in an ensemble of classic, completely renovated industrial buildings, Börjes Bikers Outfit, the Eisenhütte restaurant and of course Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems found their home. With a lot of passion, commitment and impressive annual events, the two tireless creators and their team succeeded in the following years in making the 3,000-inhabitant community of Augustfehn a mecca for northern German motorcycle fans.

From the start, their Harley-Davidson dealership offered plenty of space for new and used US bikes, accessories, clothing, an online shop and a workshop. However, since the latter became too small over the years, the Börjes brothers further expanded their Harley-Davidson experience center and inaugurated a new workshop building in 2017, which has since offered optimal conditions for service and customization with the latest technology including a test bench.

And because sustainability plays an important role at Börjes, the electricity comes from the in-house photovoltaic system and bacteria do the job of solvents when cleaning parts.

“We are a team that burns for our cause,” admits Klaus Börjes, and Harley-Davidson Marketing Lead Lisa Happ also sees this fire as a decisive success factor: “Willingness to perform as well as commercial and technical skills alone are not enough.

As a Harley-Davidson dealer, you also have to be enthusiastic about the brand and the products, because the dealer passes this enthusiasm on to the customer. We are proud to work with 69 authorized dealers in Germany who share our enthusiasm, are happy with Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems and warmly congratulate the entire Augustfehner team on their “Dealer of the Year” title.”

If you would like to get to know Harley-Davidson Weser-Ems, you will find Dieter and Klaus Börjes and their 19 employees at Stahlwerkstraße 17 in Augustfehn.

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