Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village is building a custom bike for the Pope


Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village is building a custom bike for the Pope

  • Managing director Christoph Repp is sponsoring the project, Miro is leading the renovation
  • The Jesus Bikers take the machine to Rome on the Peace Ride
  • The bike signed by Francis will be auctioned off for a good cause

(Neu-Isenburg, April 11, 2019) The man from Buenos Aires is a chemical engineer, theologian and professor of literature and psychology. In 2013 he was elected the 265th successor of the Apostle Peter - Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known as Francis, is different from the others.

He doesn't need red papal shoes, a palace or a valet. Author Benjamin Leven says he “prescribed loosening exercises” for the church, and journalist and Vatican expert Andreas Englisch calls him “a cool sock.”

Francis will soon be demonstrating his coolness again as he receives a visitor from Germany who will bring him a very special Harley-Davidson . The matt beige Chicano-style custom bike with numerous gold-plated parts, a cross-shaped taillight embedded in the rear fender and airbrushed thorn wreaths on the paint is a truly unique piece. It was made based on a Softail by Christoph “Chicken” Repp, boss of Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village, and his team, which now also includes customizing ace Miroslaw “Miro” Kozlowicz. The latter directed the renovation, for which - a matter of honor - neither the material nor the approximately 2,000 hours of work were charged.

2019HD12 Harley Davidson Wuerzburg Village builds custom bike for the PopeAt the end of June, Christoph Repp's 23-year-old employee Tom Draxler, newly qualified master two-wheel mechatronics engineer and member of the Jesus Bikers, will bring the rolling work of art to Rome, where Francis will sign it. The machine will then be auctioned off to benefit a Missio project in Africa. “I am happy to be a sponsor of this project and to be able to make a difference,” says Christoph Repp, explaining his motivation. “Every now and then you have to realize that we live in a country flowing with milk and honey. It’s important to me to give away some of this happiness.”

The idea for the extraordinary campaign came from Tom's father, Dr. Thomas Draxler, the founder of the Christian community of Jesus Bikers. A motorcycle peace ride to Rome had been on his mind for a long time. As part of this seven-day “Peace Ride” with stops at pilgrimage sites, the Würzburg custom bike now be transferred to the Eternal City. All bikers – regardless of their denomination – are warmly invited to take part. You can register at www.peace-ride.eu. “ Pope Bike” and other Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village projects can be found at www.hdwv.de.

Text Copyright: Harley-Davidson Photo credit: Studio 1 for Harley-Davidson Würzburg Village

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