In cooperation with Zippo USA, we are giving away 5x 1 Harley-Davidson Zippo storm lighter. (Update: The competition has ended)

There are 22 parts from which this traditional lighter has been assembled in the USA since 1932. The origin of the Zippo idea comes from Austria, where the founder Blaisdell bought the rights to the Hurricane company and founded the Zippo company in the USA in 1932 . A Zippo has very special properties, the most noticeable feature is the subtle “ click ” sound that occurs when the Zippo . There are even people (external link) who have studied this a little more.

It's called a storm lighter because you can rely on the Zippo even in bad weather; even a short stay in the water won't stop it from doing its job of lighting a fire. Then there are the finger players who let the Zippo slide elegantly through their fingers, so they even let the owner get creative! There are over 500 million of them in the world and if it breaks, there is a guarantee of 30 years during which it will be repaired free of charge, actually for life, but that would be unfair competition in Germany because it is not actually “lifelong”. can give.

The Zippo competition

Now it's about 5x 1 Harley-Davidson Zippo from the current Zippo summer collection , which were provided Zippo USA If you want to take part in the competition either have sent an email to with the subject “ Harley-Davidson Zippo by June 9th, 2015 , or you can share and like the raffle post on Facebook with the addition “ 5x 1 Harley-Davidson Zippo – competition ”, the competition ends on June 9th, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. , the next day you will receive the information if you have won.

If we have not received a response from the winner by June 15, 2015, we will draw a new winner. Each participant can only win once and is excluded from further prizes, but you can share multiple times and also write by email, but it is counted once. Ultimately, we are happy about a lot of likes and sometimes Facebookers are difficult to reach by message you are not friends.   

So go ahead, take part and with a bit of luck you'll win one of the five Harley-Davidson Zippo storm lighters! And be careful, anyone who becomes infected with the collecting virus cannot be helped!

pdfConditions of participation for the Zippo competition01/06/2015


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5x 1 Harley-Davidson Zippo to win! Now it's up to 5x 1 Harley-Davidson Zippo from the current Harley-Davidson...

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