Update on the 2010 event!!!

Harley-Glühn: Organizers are putting on the brakes because of official requirements.

That's what it says in the press at the moment, as the organizer Olivier Mayr told me today, but that doesn't mean that he's slamming on the brakes, unfortunately he received a catalog of requirements from the authorities in the week of Pentecost, which left Olivier Mayr speechless .

The new requirements cannot be met at such short notice and now a plan B had to be pulled out of the drawer. This means that he is canceling the open air festival and also forgoing the strip show and the tattoo artists. But luckily he still has enough space in his threshing floor and the beautiful beer garden, but no one can say anything against that, it's a licensed business.{mosgoogle}

Therefore, the music program and the exit will take place as planned. Unfortunately, the current discussions about rocker gangs also play a role in this case, which is why Olivier Mayr is changing the program so that the authorities may also realize that there are no connections.

After eleven years, Olivier Mayr wants to revive the Harley spirit in Bavaria, it should grow into Bavaria's largest Harley event and he is doing his best to make it happen.


It is known that Harley riders stick together in such situations, which is why Olivier Mayr hopes that many bikers will be there on the Alm. The event was always very successful in the 90s and the beautiful location makes it a good idea to re-run it. We wish it much success!

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Photos: Provided by the organizer.

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