Summertime party on Sylt

This weekend the sunlight is directed towards the beautiful island of Sylt , and they have arrived from all over the republic in the best weather.

The meeting is not the biggest in the country, but a very nice one that invites you to cruise around the island. There are many beautiful corners on the island to enjoy the evening sun or to end the evening in a bar.

Many Harley bikers come at the beginning of the week, and given the weather, you can't blame them; the ferry trip to Denmark should also be on the roadmap.

The roads that lead through the North Sea allow the north wind to blow really nicely around your nose.



The trip on Saturday starts as usual from the dike in Westerland and traditionally goes to List zu Gosch.

Next week is the 110th annual party in Rome, it will be a very extraordinary event , we will see what Italy has to offer.

Hamburg Harley Days again “Let's Ride” the season has finally begun.


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