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The largest customer association in the world supported by a motorcycle manufacturer
is celebrating its milestone birthday

FRANKFURT (March 16, 2023) - In 2023, the Harley Owners Group (HOG), the world's largest customer association supported by a motorcycle manufacturer, will celebrate its 40th anniversary, and Harley-Davidson wants to celebrate the milestone anniversary with members and fans at numerous events honor in Europe. For example at the Hamburg Harley Days (May 19th - 21st), the Dresden Harley Days (July 21st - 23rd) and the European Bike Week in Faak (September 5th - 10th). It is a matter of honor that the Harley Owners Group also be represented at the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary European Festival (June 22nd - 25th), because Budapest is also the location for this year's international HOG Rally - the perfect opportunity to celebrate two milestones .

40 years of HOG
40 years of HOG

The Harley Owners Group was founded in 1983 with the goal of rewarding the brand's loyal customers and providing them with an opportunity to share their experiences and foster a shared passion for Harley-Davidson. Founder's grandson Willie G. Davidson was a member from the very beginning and within a very short time the number of members was over 30,000. The first issue of the members' magazine appeared in the same year, the first events took place in the USA in 1984 and by the end of 1985 the HOG already had 49 chapters and more than 60,000 members. Six years later, they also took off in Europe with a rally in Cheltenham, Great Britain. Around 3,500 V-Twin fans celebrated the Harley lifestyle - including Willie G. and the then Harley-Davidson CEO, Richard Teerlink.

The Motor Company is proud that the HOG now has around 680,000 members and more than 1,500 chapters worldwide. You automatically become a member for one year when you purchase a Harley-Davidson. Membership can then be renewed annually or for life. There are more than 95,000 HOG members in EMEA, almost 13,000 of whom belong to the Ladies of Harley (LOH).

The Harley Owners Group embodies what Harley-Davidson stands for: the passion for motorcycling, the hunger for adventure and the unparalleled community experience. The latter is also reflected in the charitable activities of the HOG, which supports a variety of projects. For example, children's homes and people in need due to war or natural disasters are supported. In the EMEA region, the focus is often on the fight against the fatal muscular dystrophy, popularly known as muscle wasting. Year after year, HOG charity campaigns generate six-figure sums that benefit those affected and their relatives.

more about the Harley Owners Group at hog.com, and information about the Austrian charity fund can be found at harley-charity-tour.at .

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